We all know what happened with TJ. What do we think should be done?

So TJ Dillashaw has a 2 year suspension for getting caught taking EPO, which is one of the most performance enhancing drugs an athlete can take. This is old news, I know, but what's next?

The questions now is, should he get all of his previous samples tested for EPO? Should he get his fight purse taken away and given to his opponents? Should his fights all be re-determined as no contests?

Now, there are 2 strong arguments for and against my above questions.


As TJ deliberately cheated and he didn't just unknowingly take a performance enhancer in a tainted supplement, like MANY fighters have and also received a 2 year suspension, or more! Think about Nick Diaz getting 5 years for marijuana... da fuq!? TJ gets only 2 years for this?! He was purposely cheating, via INJECTION too! He was actually having to inject EPO into his system.

I find this ridiculous, and, yes for these reasons I feel that he should have his past samples tested and fights overturned if he was EPO positive. I don't know what I think about the purse... but maybe a fine/compensation towards Cody. If TJ was on EPO during the Cody fights, he has/may have significantly stunted, or ruined Cody's future. I'm not sure on if I feel 2 years is long enough, I think 4 years or more. Maybe a lifetime ban. But, we have to look at previous examples too.


Some would argue that if you test back all of TJ's samples, why didn't you test back other fighters like Brock or Jones? Jones especially... But TJ has his sentence and mostly his publicly deserved ridicule and hate from almost all fight fans. He will never has the respect he used to have and everyone will always know him as a cheater.

This is something I was thinking about today so thought I'd see what your opinions are!

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts, fight fans!