With the recent Jon Jones drug testing controversy, many are looking to the drug testing methods and policies in MMA. The concern in the returned test was "pulsing" of drugs, and it makes sense to look at the MMA drug testing requirements for clarity.

In September of 2018, the USADA changed its policy regarding how a fighter can participate in fighting after a positive test result. The USADA will provisionally suspend a fighter who fails a test, but will keep the details and failed result private until it is absolutely validated.

Fighters like Junior Dos Santos who received a fake positive suffered when their results were called out. This new policy maintains the "innocent until proven guilty" policy that enforces fairness.

In my opinion, the September 2018 policy revision is very fair. The results must be kept private until they can be validated. Lab results can be sent to another lab for validation.

What is your take? Is drug use a problem in MMA?