On Sunday, February 10 of this year will be the start of the highly anticipated season start of the Monster Energy Nascar Cup series, with the Advance Auto Parts Clash at Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, Florida. This will be a non-scoring race for the championship regurar for which is the exhibition race that kicks off the season each year. The first race was in 1979 with just a sprint of 20 laps to the checkered flag, without the need to enter the pits for tires or fuel and the yellow flags did not count.

For this 2019 the rules for the pilots are eligible for this first event of the season are the pilots who achieved pole position for any race for the 2018 season, the winners of previous years of this race who participated full time last season, the winners of the Daytona 500 of previous years who competed the full season in 2018, winners of the pole for the Daytona 500 and all the drivers qualified for the playoffs of the 2018 season.

Entry list of pilots for the event:

Pilot entry list created by @franz54


  1. Brad Keselowski #2- FORD
  2. Joey Logano #22- FORD
  3. Kurt Busch #41- FORD
  4. Ryan Blaney #12- FORD
  5. Austin Dillon #3- CHEVY

In conclusion the race last season was dominated by teams of the brand of the blue oval Ford, where it was seen that within the first 5 places of the race, the first 4 were occupied by the Ford represented TEAM PENSKE and STEWART-HAAS RACING , while the 5th place was occupied by the Chevy #3 of Austin Dillon. For this 2019, it is foreseen that the race will be dominated also by the Ford drivers, all this due to the great power of the oval brand engines. blue, since this track is not as necessary the aerodynamic due to the dimensions of this track and the cant of its curves.

As I explain to you in one of my publications about changes to the regulations of the Monster Energy Nascar Cup Series, for this season Nascar made several changes among them we found the elimination of the Rectifier Plate but another smaller plate will be used, which complies with the same funsion as the previous one and reduced to 550 horses, that is, a reduction of 200 callabas with respect to 2018. Another change was some changes in the aerodynamic that among them we have the following:

  • In 2018 the Rear spoiler had measures of 2.375''x 61 whereas for this 2019 it will be of 8''x61.
  • In 2019 the cars will have a longer front splitter which will have a dimension of 2 '' overhang.

all these changes, are for the purpose of reducing the air resistance of the car, so a car can go one after the other with the fanality that there are more overtaking in the races and to be able to improve the show.

among other important changes for this upcoming season 2019 of MENCS is the reduction in terms of the tests carried out during the season, whether private teams and testing of the official supplier of the series as Goodyear is.Menar that in the Information given by NASCAR did not specify how much those tests would decrease.

Information about the first event of the 2019 season:

Advance Auto Parts Clash in Daytona International Speedway

Location: Daytona Beach, Florida, United States.

First race: 1979.

Distance: 187.5 miles (301.752 km)

Laps: 75

Surface: Asphalt

Length: 2.5 mi (4.0 km)

Turns: 4

My Prediction:

  1. Joey Logano #22
  2. Ryan Blaney #12
  3. Denny Hamlin #11
  4. Brad Keselowski #2
  5. Jimmie Johnson #48


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