Back with the start of the NBA I want to show you a card game about the NBA that just came out, which I find interesting, what you should do is subscribe with the link I'll leave in the description so you can also participate in this Basketball Fantasy for free that looks great, the competition starts on October 21 in Sorare but you can already claim your cards and build your teams for the competition.

Of course in this video I will make a tutorial for you to understand what you have to do after you click on the link you can register with your Google account or your Gmail and a password, once you put your data you will be asked to confirm your email.

I will also explain it in English through the text for my English speaking readers.

This is the reference link for you to register and start enjoying the game, I will also leave it in the description of the video I left above.

For NBA Fantasy you will be given 20 cards which you will have to distribute them in each game or tournament you will be given 120 points to use each card and fill that amount of points with your 5 players that you choose from the 20 cards they are given, you must apply the strategy and create a balance, after you create your team, the performance that each of your players has in the NBA games is what will add you points with the player cards that you chose.

There is a lot to explain but basically that is what you should know at the beginning to start enjoying the game.

I will try to update you later on this project and I hope that many of you will register and start enjoying the passion we have for the NBA this time with this great card game about the galactic league.

Enjoy the work in this podcast and don't forget to subscribe for future updates.


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