Great Saturday night to enjoy a great game in the best league in the world, we will have the chance to watch the stellar Brooklyn Nets team facing the competitive Miami Heat team, what will be a game with a lot of potential.

First Half

Brooklyn would start displaying a high percentage of their offensive potential and would score a partial of 11 - 2 against Miami who had a hard time getting involved in the game, Durant converted a basket from half distance, then Harris scored an effective shot from the perimeter and extended the Nets lead, Harkless would answer with a shot from the 3-point line, Harris would score again from the perimeter, Adebayo would score near the backboard, get the foul and make the extra free throw, end the first quarter leading Brooklyn by 11 points.

Joe Harris would leave things where he left them and would score an effective shot from the perimeter adding more three pointers to his personal account, Perry took the rebound, converted the basket and got the foul, missed the extra free throw, Durant scored a quick basket in penetration, Adebayo converted a basket from mid distance on the backboard, then Dragic also scored from mid distance and reduced the advantage, Harris answered again with another shot from the perimeter, the first half ended with Brooklyn partial victory by 10 points.

Second Half

Durant converted an effective shot from the perimeter and then scored another one connecting to the scoring lane from that area, Duncan Robinson responded with a mid-range shot trying to reduce the advantage, Harden assisted Jordan who dunked it, then Durant made a basket from mid-range, Olynyk scored a basket in penetration, then Irving responded with a jumper, Brown converted an effective shot from the perimeter and kept the advantage, the 3rd period ended with Brooklyn winning with a wide advantage.

Miami would have a partial. of 11 - 0 at the beginning of the period and put the game at 1 possession, Irving responded with an effective shot from the perimeter, Durant joined the offense and scored a mid-range shot, Adebayo converted from mid-range, Brooklyn would react and take advantage, Irving would score a floater, then Irving would convert an effective shot from the perimeter, Nunn scored from the 3-point line and put the game at 1 possession, Irving scored from mid-range, then Irving continued to be key and converted an effective shot from the perimeter and became the determining offensive factor of the game, Nets closed better and took the victory 128 - 124 defeating Miami.

Best Performances

Kevin Durant 31 Pts. 4 Reb. 4 Ast.
Kyrie Irving 28 Pts. 6 Reb. 7 Ast.
Joe Harris 23 Pts. 2 Reb. 2 Ast.

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