Beginning of week of NBA where we will observe the Indiana Pacers to visit the Memphis Grizzlies, who apparently did not count on their new star Ja Morant, but maybe it is an interesting game, you never know, this league usually surprises us.

Game Summary

The duel would begin with a good defensive level the teams had difficulty scoring, Salomon Hill would convert an effective shot from the perimeter to give advantage to the Grizzlies, T.J. Warren responded with a shot from the perimeter and gave the Pacers an advantage, Indiana continued to add this time a steal from Jeremy Lamb and basket in quick break gave an advantage to Pacers team by 8 digits, De'Anthony Melton would convert a shot from the perimeter in transition, ends the first period winning Indiana by 2 possessions.

Grizzlies reacted, they went up on the scoreboard, Solomon Hills scored a medium distance float, Malcolm Brogdon scored from the paint and the Pacers were back to take advantage, Jarén Jackson Jr. T.J. Warren was still sweet from the perimeter and basketing, Grizzlies was taking advantage of 10 digits, Memphis was lowering its offensive intensity and Pacers was raising it, finishing the first half 57 - 47 up Indiana.

Second Half

Indiana continued applying its approach of game, which yielded them fruits and maintained the advantage on Memphis, De'Anthony Melton scored in penetration an excellent tray, then Solomon Hill fed Jaren Jackson Jr. with an assistance and overturned the ball, trying to reduce the advantage, Pacers attacked the painting by Myles Turner who basket consecutively, Melton basket in penetration and reduced the advantage, finished the 3rd quarter above Pacers by 12 digits.

Grizzlies had a hard time reacting, Jae Crowder was basketing a float and got the foul by basketing the additional, then Dillon Brooks was basketing medium distance, the advantage was still 13 digits for Grizzlies, the defense of Memphis showed a low level with many cracks, fed Jarén Jackson Jr. in the painting who was basketing, but Justin Holiday responded with an effective shot from the perimeter, Pacers continued attacking and kept the difference, had the game fully controlled with 1 minute to play, finishes the 117 - 104 match in a victory with Pacers authority over Grizzlies.

Details and Personal Analysis

It should be noted that in this match for Memphis not played Ja Morant, Brandon Clark, Jonas Valanciunas, as well as other players who were also out of action by the Grizzlies, this significantly diminished the potential of the team.

All quarters were dominated by the Pacers against a Grizzlies that had many defensive cracks and where they could never discount the advantage of more than 10 digits established by the Pacers.

Indiana established their game and completely dominated all the quarters of the Memphis team that despite being playing at home, I bill the absence of several of their important players, the Pacers continue to win and set a positive record in the east conference. It was an authoritative Indiana victory over Memphis.

Best Performances

Malcolm Brogdon 19 Pts. 6 Reb. 9 Ast.
Domantas Sabonis 18 Pts. 14 Reb. 8 Ast.
Myles Turner 17 Pts. 6 Reb. 2 Ast.

Leave me your impressions if you read the publication or enjoyed the encounter.