Interesting and special Friday night to enjoy the Los Angeles Lakers game at home facing the talented young Sacramento Kings in a duel that will bring many emotions.

Game Summary

Kings playing visitors faced the duel with a lot of energy and took advantage on the scoreboard, Lakers would begin to warm up the engines and with a shot from the perimeter of Lebron James placed Los Angeles to a possession, with 3 minutes to finish the fourth, the meeting was even, but Sacramento showed a good defense that gave them an advantage of 2 possessions, ends the first period winning Kings by 10 digits.

Lakers would quickly discount the advantage through shots from the perimeter through Kuzma, but the Kings deployed an excellent offensive percentage and regained part of the advantage, Sacramento continued to add advantage from the 3 point line through Ferrell, Lakers would react with a shot from the effective perimeter of Kuzma and then a tray to be placed at 6 digits, the defensive volume of Los Angeles increased and would go up on the scoreboard, would end the first half 50 - 49 up Kings.

Second Half

Lakers would increase their defensive level, they would discount and they would go up in the scoreboard increasing their aggressiveness in the attack, Kings were looking to recover, but the combination between Lebron and Caruso gave advantage to Lakers, Bogdanovic showed his range with distant shots from the perimeter and decreased the advantage for the Kings, Ferrell would basket pair of effective shots and would approach Sacramento to a possession, finishes the fourth winning Lakers by 3 digits.

Entering the last quarter Lebron James would punish with his offensive from the perimeter and the middle distance to their marks, but the Kings continued competing and discounted to be placed at 4 digits, Bogdanovic would assist Holmes and Kings would go up on the scoreboard, the duel became more interesting with the scoreboard equalized but would emerge the figure of Caldwell-Pope who basket several consecutive baskets, then Bogdanovic would impact with a perimeter shot, a steal and a tray with foul to match the match, he would basket the extra, Lebron would get a foul and 2 free, Davis's excellent defense with blocking would seal the game with a great 99 - 97 victory of Lakers over Kings.

Details and Personal Analysis

At the beginning of the encounter Sacramento showed a dynamic collective game that would give them an advantage from the speed in their effective offensive, but the Lakers would wake up with James as impulse in the attack, the defensive level of Kings was excellent and hindered the offensive of Lakers, the first period ended with more than 4 possessions in favor of Sacramento.

Los Angeles would be supported on the perimeter by the excellent demonstration of Kyle Kuzma from the perimeter area with excellent effective shots, by Sacramento the driving offensive attack was Yogi Ferrell, although Lakers won the partial, the game remained very closed by the performance of Kings in the first quarter, in the first half the duel was for 1 digit leading Kings.

The Angelino team would increase its volume in the defense and Kuzma continued punishing the Kings from the perimeter, in this quarter the game between Lebron and Caruso gave advantage to the Lakers with several consecutive baskets, Bogdan Bogdanovic began to show his offensive and great perimeter shot with throws extremely distant, in this 3rd period Lakers would win the partial and lead the match for 1 possession.

The fourth final would be a face-to-face between Lebron James and Bogdan Bogdanovic who seemed to have a personal confrontation, each gave advantage to their teams and the game in this period would be extremely closed, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Anthony Davis would also be decisive in the final minutes of the match, Lakers would close slightly better and an excellent defense of Davis would be the play that would give the victory to Los Angeles over Sacramento by only 2 digits.

Best Performances

Lebron James 29 Pts. 4 Reb. 11 Ast.
Anthony Davis 17 Pts. 5 Reb. 2 Ast.
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 16 Pts. 3 Reb.

Leave me your impressions if you enjoyed the encounter or read the publication.