LeBron James who failed to advance to the playoffs, finished his farming this season with injuries. Prior to the start of the season, many people's concerns were whether James, who moved to the Western Conference for the first time since his debut, could reign as the king from the west. That's why the Lakers and James's every move has been a concern for many media since the beginning of the season.

In conclusion, last summer, James choice became a poison. James had an average of 27.4 points (FG 51%), 8.5 rebounds and 8.3 assists in 55 regular season league games this season. James, who is 34 years old, had to recover from injury for a long time and had to leave his coat for a long time. The Lakers, who have been reorganizing their team tactics since the offseason, have been sluggish along with James, and eventually the team ranking in the Western Conference 4 seed has just crashed to the bottom of the Western Conference. There was no more panic among the Lakers fans who had anticipated the playoffs with James.

The bigger problem, however, is not that James has shown signs of slowing his recovery and eventually falling into aging. The biggest problem is that massive noise has been mass produced outside the game. James and Luke Walton's controversy over the course of the season continued to garner press coverage. Michael Beasley did not look peaceful in the locker room of the Lakers, as he made a public statement to coach Walton, Off-season manager Walton's move will surely attract the attention of many.

To make matters worse, with the fact that most of the Lakers' players were named in the trade block and the team chemistry was completely broken is also the cause of the failure of Lakers and James this season. In fact, the Lakers Young men were so stressed out on the trade deadline that they had been ridiculed by expatriate fans. There will not be any loyal members to the end of the organization trying to bully you. If Anthony Davis is successful, he will not be able to deny that the Lakers' scamper has plummeted and the performance of the Lakers has been adversely affected by failure.

Kyle Kuzma, who is showing off his defense, is pushing James to the opponent's striker. The Lakers were also in the second half of the season, sending a message of respect for James in the early part of the season. The Lakers' next season will not be much better if they repeat the mistake of this trade deadline, as the offseason Lakers are expected to sign Davis once again. This is also true for Boston, who is expected to play a fiercest battle against the Lakers in the offseason's Davis acquisition.

Lakers announced James' season out , and decided to leave James out for the rest of the season. James's cure is a big influence on the future success of the team. " However, the Lakers' front-runners need to be judged as to whether James's health is the answer to all of his homework problems now in the Lakers.