Marcin Gortat leaves Los Angeles Clippers. The club bought his contract - as a result, he became a free player. The Pole may go to the Golden State Warriors, but it may also be the end of his adventure with the NBA.

Los Angeles Clippers have terminated the contract with a Polish basketball player who can now look for a new club. Gortat will get a salary, which belonged to him until the end of the regular round. This information is reported by American journalists via twitter. The Pole also informally said goodbye to the club from the City of Angels writing in social media: "It was a great ride".

The President of Basketball Operations Lawrence Frank said goodbye to Marcin with words:

The future of the only Polish basketball player in the NBA is in doubt. Some experts believe that his skills are valuable, especially among teams that are fighting in long play-offs.

It is said that Gortat can go to the Golden State Warriors. Current NBA champions intend to wait with staffing decisions to check what other players will be available. On Thursday evening, 7 February, the transfer window ended, but contracts with free, also "bought" players NBA clubs can sign for a few more weeks.

In the current NBA, the role of the centers, and hence the position on which the "Polish Hammer" appears, has become very limited. Most teams bet on so-called low settings, without the classic middle. If they are reaching for "high" players, then after those who are technically excellent, they can throw for three, play and get the attention of other rivals. In the face of these facts, Gortat, for which the greatest skill is to make blocks, has little chance for another contract in the best basketball league in the world.

It seemed that Gortat's situation in Los Angeles Clippers is better, because the California team gave to Philadelphia 76ers Serbian - Boban Marjanović, as well as the star of the team - Tobias Harris. It turnes out that an experienced Pole was also unnecessary in the team from LA, which is preparing for reinforcements and builds a budget for the next season, to tempt with big money stars like Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, or Kyrie Irving.

The 34-year-old Pole in the NBA has been playing since 2007. First, he performed in Orlando Magic, with which he played in the final of the NBA, then in the Phoenix Suns, Washington Wizards and from June last year in the Los Angeles Clippers.

What do you think? Does Marcin have any chance for one more NBA season?