Game of the day: Basketball

Dear Scorum's friends,

This contest is for real sport experts.

Today's GUESS THE PLAYERS contest is about BASKETBALL

Let me explain the rules:


Guess name and surname of the 2 famous BASKETBALL PLAYERS hidden in the below gif

Write your comment with players names and surnames (order doesn't matter)

One guess per person.

You don't need to upvote this post or follow me but they are all appreciated.

Have fun!


Who insert the comment with all 2 correct answers win the prize of 3 SCR.

If there will be more than a comment with correct answers the prize will be divided among all the winners.


Contest will close at 3 P.M. GMT+2 on 18 September 2018, please insert your comment before that time.


On 18 September 2018

The prize will be assigned after the payout of this post.