There are too many things in the world that are wrong, and they are also in the NBA. There are a lot of players who didn't want to play basketball. They ended up in the basketball world and also made very high achievements. So, what kind of players are there in the NBA?

Iverson, he didn't want to play basketball. At that time, he played the best football. He also wanted to develop in the direction of rugby, but his mother hoped he could play basketball. Later, we saw that Iverson played for 10 years and also entered the Hall of Fame.

Duncan. Duncan is the greatest power forward in NBA history. He has received many honors in his career and has not had any problems in the top 10 in history. However, before Duncan had not played basketball, he liked swimming. If it weren't for the hurricane at the time and fear of sharks avoiding training, the NBA would have lost a history-level power forward.

James, the first person in the active league, his achievements have basically been able to determine the position of his top five history, even more terrible is that he is still at its peak, and I believe that in the future can still achieve more. However, James used to play football for a living. He often went to the rugby competition to get bonuses to improve his life. However, James did not give up his basketball dream, and eventually James entered the NBA as the pride of the sky, and took out a world.

Jordan, the first person in NBA history, has pushed basketball to the world, and his personal ability is also quite top, with 6 career titles, 6FMVP and 5MVP, and ten scoring titles. Many record alliances have not been broken so far. But Jordan didn't play basketball at first, but played baseball. Jordan was influenced by his father when he was a child. He liked baseball. It is also his dream to play baseball. However, in baseball, Jordan has not been as successful as basketball. It is said that he is quite stinky.