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The Real Reason Why Lance Stephenson Blew in LeBron's Ear
Image Source To be able to win a playoffs series, you have to play with all you've got every game. Every possession is important and you and your team mates must be ready and give their best every single game. Sometimes, other players use some dirty tricks just to ruin the game of their opponents and Lance Stephenson is one of the best in doing that. It's not necessary to do dirty tricks but sometimes it's just fun to watch. I know many of you were curious about this incident. Why did Lance blew in LeBron James' ear? That was a question for many people that has never been explained well. It was a very entertaining moment in the playoffs but nobody knows why it really happened. In an Interview with Lance, he explained in detail how did that ear blowing happened and why did he do that to his ex-rival and now team mate LeBron James. Image Source Lance said that the moment he blew LeBRon's ear, he was trying to put LeBron James off his game. He said he was trying his best so that LeBron's game may be ruined. We know Lance do all the dirty tricks but nobody thought that he will do that kind of trick. It was one of the memorable moments in the history of the NBA. Lance also said that he tried to do anything he could to put the Best Player in the World off his game and help the Indiana Pacers outplay LeBron's Miami Heat and knock them out of the playoffs. The ear blowing incident didn't affect LeBron at all and Lance admits that he was very much impressed of how LeBron ignores his actions and tactics to try to ruin LeBron's game. Lance also admitted that he doesn't regret his decision to blow LeBron's ear but he was thinking sometimes and asking his self what made him do that. Lol. Image Source Now, their rivalry is coming to an end as they will now be team mates in the new chapter of their careers. They will begin the 2018-2019 season as team mates and will play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Lakers fans now are hoping that all the blood blood between these two will now be gone and they must now get along inside and outside the court to help the team get back to it's playoffs form. If their chemistry becomes strong along with their other team mates, I believe they have a chance to compete for a championship and make the Lakers a championship team again. I'll leave you with a clip of Lance and LeBron's rivalry. Thanks guys!

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