The game (NetBall)

Looking for a way to help friends, I think the best will be by putting up tutorials-like about some games. If one can follow me, believe you me , you will enjoy staying on this blog and you will start seeing many games as lovely as football. 

Today I will start with NetBall and I think it will be all about introduction for today. Come tomorrow to have more. Let's go!

Netball is played between two teams of seven players-three of which are forwards or attackers and named Wing Attack, Goal Attack and Goal Shooter; one is the

player positioned in the middle called the Centre; and three are backs or defenders and are named Wing Defence, Goal Defence and Goal Keeper.

The aim of the game is to score goals. A goal is scored when the ball is thrown over and through a ring on the top of the goal post from within the attacking team's shooting circle.

Only two of the attackers, namely Goal attack and Goal Shooter, may enter the shooting circle and throw goals.

To start the game or restart it after a goal the ball is thrown off by the Centre from the centre circle and then passed from player to player until it can be caught in

the goal circle by one of the two goal-scoring players who then throws for goal.

The defending team aim to obtain possession of the ball and then attack their goal at the opposite in end the same way. Stat with me for more.