Hi all football lovers :

Here are some stats from the premier league, which you would like to know.

If we ll compare the standing :

Liverpool is at the top with 13 wins and a single draw.

Liverpool has unbeaten till now with 40 points in its names.

But when it comes to goal count, Manchester city is at the top of the table followed by Leicester city (Which is at the no 2 in the overall standing).

As you can see, top 5 teams are in the top when compared to goal scored. But the no of goal scored is not directly proportional to the standings.

Here let's analyse a little about the individual performance.

Jamie-Vardy single handedly scored 13 goals out of 33 goals his team has scored in total.

Emerick has also performed very well for Arsanel, scoring 10 goals out of 20 goals the whole team has scored till now, that is whopping 50 % of the total goals. Its really impressive. If other could have well supported, then Arsanel could have cracked the top 4 or 5. Now Arsanel is at no 8 in the standing.