Above are my picks Against The Spread for week 12. Last week I went 8-6 and many of my more confident plays came in. I feel pretty confident in my picks this week but that doesn't always mean they will come through. I've been zigging on teams when I need to zag and zagging when I need to zig so we'll find out as the games are played how well my handle is on this weeks matchups.

Here are my picks to straight up win the games. I did change a few picks after further analysis as I had the Titans beating the Jaguars and changed it after realizing Foles is back under center for the Jags. I think Foles is a solid QB and he's only a few years removed from that playoff run culminating in a Super Bowl win over the Patriots. He returned to action last week and this week I think he regains game legs and leads the Jaguars to a road win. I also initially had the Bills winning but changed it to the Broncos as they've actually been close in every game and Buffalo has trouble scoring at times and I think the Broncos can put up enough points to pull off the upset. We'll see how it all goes. Good luck with your picks/bets!