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The Packers Path to the Playoffs does not have to be "Run the Table" 2.0
It was just a couple years ago when the Packers were 4-6 and Aaron Rodgers told the world he thought the team could "run the table" and get into the playoffs. They did, and even made some noise, making it all the way to the NFC title game before losing again. Fast forward to this current season, the Packers are 4-5-1. Does "run the table" 2.0 need to happen? They have a favorable schedule ahead of them starting Sunday night against the Vikings. Then they have the Cardinals, Falcons, Bears, Jets, and Lions left to go through so it is very possible they can run the table and still be in the running for the division title. The Bears lead the division, but still have the Rams, Vikings and the Packers to go through. If Green Bay can win out and the Bears go 2-3, Green Bay will win the division with a record of 10-5-1, and thus are in the playoffs. But what if they lose another game? They still have a chance at the wildcard even at 9-6-1. They would need some help, but still there is a chance. The Redskins without Alex Smith have three more division games to play and a game against the Jaguars. Seahawks still have the Vikings, Panthers, Chiefs, and three division games left on their schedule. Only other team ahead of them currently for the wildcard is the Panthers, and they still have four divisional games left including the Saints twice. So there is still hope, but thats what makes this Sunday night game so important. This is the one game they can not lose. If they do, all hope is practically gone as they would need a lot more help. The Vikings already being a game ahead of them in the standings would be in prime position for the wildcard and Green Bay's chances goes to single digits. With the victory, Green Bay will own the tie breaker over the Vikings,as well as momentum to get through the last stretch of the regular season. No matter what, their path to the playoffs starts this Sunday night at 8:20pm, in need of a very important victory on the road against a good division rival fighting for their own playoff lives. No pressure.