Usually an promising NHL prospects off season involves a lot of training. Trying to add power and quickness to their games. Recovering from the wear and tear of a long arduous season. Cooper Marody has added a new twist to the typical summer routine, releasing a single. Yup that's right, Cooper Marody is now both a hockey player and recording artist.

The song is unlikely to rocket up the charts but I have to admit dude can sing and the song isn't terrible. Not exactly what Marody's goals are with music, if he wants to pursue both avenues or if music is just a hobby he enjoys and wants to share. I think it would be very interesting to see an athlete have a successful music career in tandem. I have no idea how that would work but I want to see it. He could be like a modern day Bo Jackson, two sports is now two entertainment genre's.

I'd also love to be in training camp when someone inevitably turns on this song in the dressing room or has it pumping through the sound system at Rogers Place. You know it will happen. I also think this should instantly become Marody's goal song. I'm actually rooting for him even more to make the team in the fall now. I can picture the scene in Rogers Place the first time Marody scores and the regular goal song is replaced by "Behind Me" and 90% of the fans are bizarrely confused about why a love ballad is playing instead of a typical pump you up song.

I love it.