Have you seen the Oilers rookies games of late.  What a disaster.  What is wrong.  Something smells off.  Well, here's an idea, maybe it is Jay Woodcroft.  If the rookie games are any indication then one has to ask if his work behind the Oilers bench the last few years has had a very negative affect on the style and play of the Oilers.  Consider it, bad special teams(last year was horrible), the team not playing as a team and the list goes on.  Maybe management finally saw a big part of the problem.  This gives us some hope for this year, but it begs the question, what will the AHL team be like this year.  Fingers crossed.  Not liking the thought of Woodcroft leading and teaching the AHL players this year.  At least a good number of rookies go back to junior instead of to the AHL.  Time will tell.  Oilers will be better this year if this synopsis is correct.  Here is to hoping some fixes on the oilers are in place for this year. 

source thecoachessite.com

The image says it all, doesn't it..  He saying...  I'm not sure what I'm doing here.


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