So I watched some NHL videos where I saw some fights in game. It got me thinking more about how having more fighting in games may overall produce a more stable society since people learn more about themselves. They learn to stand up for themselves and they also learn more about other people. They also get in touch with their primal nature. They learn more about what humans are capable of so probably get's more respect for life.

I also think of course that same as with NHL you need to have a referee closely monitor a fight to see that both are willing to engage in one. If something really bad happens then they step in. May not look like it but a lot of this is based on trust and I think it can build stronger relationships between people when they are going through more things together. When they will have other life ups and downs they will deal with it much better. So more fighting in other sports I think would be good. 

I think a very deep level of appreciation for life can happen to a person after they have been in a sports fight. It teaches people more about defending themselves and to build up their own independent side. It also helps people to realize the importance of relationships with other humans and care.

                       This image shows in a great way how life can be:                                                                       Risky 

Photo source: Pixabay

People have lots of energy and if you can produce a sports place where you can combine sports with some fighting it can cause humans to be more calm and relaxed when they are doing something outside of the sporting event. I think it will make people create higher goals for themselves in life since they can see more clear that life is only 100 years and be in sports fights can make them more conscious and aware of that. I think that it will help reduce the amount of passive aggressive people we have on Earth. Makes people be able to discuss things in life without running away.

If you learned most people that wanted to fight very early on in school perhaps in some sports fighting I think we would have very little issues in the world. Since people would take more responsibility. All the energy humans have would be used in more effective ways instead of wasting it. Would be interesting if we could have some sports fighting in European soccer as well. We would probably see more goals that’s my guess haha, and clearly larger crowds! 

I should say again that it should be monitored closely by referee so                                not something too crazy happens.