11- Hal Winkler (Bruins)

Photo Credit: Goalies Archive

Winkler used the number 11 jersey as a starter with the Boston Bruins from 1926-28, as the 1926-27 season saw him take a 12-9-2 record with the Bruins, with a 20-13-11 record in 1927-28.

Total SC Game Wins: 0

12 through 14- N/A

15- Flat Walsh (Maroons)

Photo Credit: NHL

Walsh used 15 with the Montreal Maroons in 1929-30, picking up a 17-11-4 record in his tenure with the number, before changing his number to 1 for the next season.

Total SC Game Wins: 0

16- N/A

17- Bill Beveridge (original Senators)

Photo Credit: Ice Hockey Fandom

Beveridge claimed the best player with jersey number 17 with the original Ottawa Senators in the 1932-33 season, but he struggled with a 7-19-7 record as the Senators finished in last place. Beveridge would switch to number 1 the next season.

Total SC Game Wins: 0

18- Mike Karakas (Black Hawks)

Photo Credit: Not in Hall of Fame

Karakas wore number 18 during his rookie season with the Chicago Black Hawks in 1935-36, before switching to 1 the following season. During the season, Karakas earned a record of 21-19-8.

Total SC Game Wins: 0

19- Mikko Koskinen (Oilers)

Photo Credit: Sportsnet

Koskinen used 19 during his first season with the Edmonton Oilers in the 2018-19 season, claiming 25 wins as a starter, before taking a backup role with the team in the 2019-20 season as of this writing.

Total SC Game Wins: 0

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