By Zane Miller

70- Braden Holtby (Capitals)

Photo Credit: Capitals Outsider

Holtby began using number 70 during his tenure with the Washington Capitals from 2012 to the present, which included a Stanley Cup championship in 2018. Holtby earned the Vezina Trophy in 2016 by tying the record for most single-season wins, and picked up 257 wins through 2018-19.

First SC Game Win: 2018 Stanley Cup Game 2 (Braden Holtby, Capitals)

Last SC Game Win: 2018 Stanley Cup Game 5 (Braden Holtby, Capitals)

Total SC Championship Wins: 1

Total SC Game Wins: 4

71- N/A

72- Sergei Bobrovsky (Blue Jackets, Panthers)

Photo Credit: Sporting News

Bobrovsky started using 72 during his run with the Columbus Blue Jackets from 2012 through 2019, earning two Vezina Trophies along the way in 2013 and 2017, before heading to the Florida Panthers while continuing to wear number 72.

Total SC Championship Wins: 0

Total SC Game Wins: 0

73 through 78- N/A

79- Carter Hart (Flyers)

Photo Credit: Sporting News

Hart began play during the 2018-19 season, using the number 79 with the Philadelphia Flyers. In his lone complete season with the number, Hart claimed a record of 16-13-1.

Total SC Championship Wins: 0

Total SC Game Wins: 0

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