......drum roll.......

And the prize for worth pun ever, goes to.....

Hey folks.

I hope you are all doing great wherever you are. If you're having a bad day for whatever reason, close your eyes for 3 seconds, RESET, and smile, and then open your eyes, I bet you have lots to smile about. For starters you are alive and breathing and the world is your Oyster if you let it be.

That is of course, unless you are driving, then please don't close your eyes and please stop reading Scorum while you're driving!! Seriously.... :o)

I find the world and people around us often reciprocate the vibes we send out. Try smiling at a few people today and I bet, some smile back. You might even make someones day or cheer someone else.

If you are already happy, then good for you, keep up the good work. The world needs people like you to cheer them up when their day is not going well. But, however it is, you are feeling, just remember, you and you alone get to decide how you are feeling, so why not try your best to be happy. It's much better than the opposite side of the coin.

Ok, so there I go, off on one of my waffles, sorry about that!

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I was actually just checking in to say that I have almost zero free time right now, so Scorum has been shelved for a little while for me. I have an exam next Wednesday that I need to study for, so I will be working/studing/sleeping/parenting for the next week and Scorum won't get a look in, then shortly after that I head on a short holiday to Portugal, but I hope to get a post in between the exam ending and the trip away.

I will be playing golf when I'm away, and I am thinking of running a contest where people get to guess what I will shoot, and there will be a prize for the person closest to the total.

source - www.pixabay.com

Thanks as always for reading.

Catch up soon.

Peace Out.