Hi guys hope you are doing great.

Health is wealth so they say, but wealth is not and can never be healthy.

So people, to enjoy this wealth that we all struggle for each and everyday, we must learn to keep fit and remain healthy.

Those excess fat is not for you, burn them off please.

So stop complaining and start working out.

Please don't be too busy, you may likely forget about yourself in the process.

You will never enjoy using your money to maintain your health.

So I ask when last did you WORKOUT?

When last did you help your friend burn those fat... Yeah your friend, you have to be concerned about his/ her welfare and his/her health is one of them. Many can not fight this fitness battle alone, they truly need those encouragement.

As for me it's now an every morning stuff because of my office...

I have to encourage someone, I have to give some health tip to someone, and the benefits of working out. All this will not sound great if I'm not fit myself so I'm stuck in there.

So as I promised to keep you guys posted on our (Editorial/Publicity CDs) weekly workouts, it all begins here.

The number was not great but the fun was awesome.

The workout kick-start with the warm-up session then we move to stretch to relax the veins then aerobics to enhance their cardiovascular fitness using some 1980s beat.

We then move to sit-up, jumping jerk, crab walk, super man, mountain climbing etc.

Finally, I gave them some body massage

Below are some pictures I took with a 13mp lens at the Lafia Township Stadium.

The super woman
Doing it in our own way

Body Massage

Everyone wants to give it a try.

Please what do you think about the workout session?

Please don't forget to drop your contribution to help me work better.

Thank you for staying tuned