Steem really became a great platform for dapps and games that allow having some fun often giving nice returns in the process. I have been trying out Nextcolony last month and this is my first impression on it.

So far I really enjoyed @actifit as it actually helped and motivated me to become more active and fit. I'm also really enjoying @moonsteem as it gives a good return on investment and allows to gamble a bit +EV if you manage to stay disciplined thanks to the upvotes they are giving out. I skipped @steemmonsters because I used to have somewhat of a Hearthstone addiction. If it was built on a free-to-play model I would for sure have tested it out though. I always rather disliked @drugwars with its ponzi structure that was obviously never going to hold up and the many spam posts it brought about.

@nextcolony has been a rather enjoyable experience so far, It is in essence similar to drugwars but with a more interesting theme and without the focus on getting daily rewards. While it was a real grind especially at the start, things really paced up once I managed to build my first explorer and even more after finding my first planet. One of the good things about the game is that it asks for limited time investment and it's a great way to unwind 10-20 minutes each day leveling up and moving forward.

Meta-Skill Level

I'm currently at Meta Skill Level 158, Most building skills are up to level 14 with the exception of Uranium which I already leveled up to 16 as it was the one I seemed to need the most.

I only managed to get the Explorer to 100% now and I'm not sure what to level up next. My command center is also close to reaching the next level meaning I will be able to send out an extra explorer exploring the space around my main planet.

I was really lucky to find a 2nd planet quite early on hearing how some took forever or are still searching for their first. Leveling up the buildings on a 2nd planet goes really fast as the Building skills are already leveled up. My upper neighbor being one of them having explored a lot more space without having found a 2nd planet. I'm somewhat searching in his area also before those spaces are gone. So far it worked in his favor as none of those spaces had a planet in them.

Next Goal will be to get an explorer on my 2nd planet and start the search there for my 3rd planet.

I'm am a bit concerned about the fact that it takes forever to get something going which might discourage new players who are not willing to pay 200 Steem + to increase their progression pace. I'm looking forward to the future updates and will continue to play this game on a daily basis. It's still quite early on to get started and get somewhere as a free-to-play player. Anyone with a Steem account can login and start playing at

Good Luck!