As of 2019, there were about 1.3 billion people living in 54 countries in Africa. Africa is a resource-rich continent, and it was predicted that Africa would recover from its worst economic recession in half a century in 2021. But because of an unprecedented global pandemic caused by COVID-19, economic activity in Africa was disrupted again in 2020.

Why is the initial coin offering a better bet?

Even after having most of the resources, Africa has seen the worst economic recession in the past few years, and many experts believe that the economy of Africa is dying. In this unpleasant time many old and new problems are hurting people and hurting their life from root level, thus investing in the fiat here will be a colossal risk, as its condition is already the worst. In this unpredicted time ICO will be godsend. They are unique and advanced and also have better opportunities.

An initial coin offering is a type of funding made using cryptocurrencies. This is often a form of crowdfunding, although a private ICO that does not seek public investment is also possible. In ICOs, the companies or people sell amounts of cryptocurrency to speculators or investors in the form of tokens or coins, in exchange for legal tender or other more stable cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or Ethereum.

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) are currently one of the most fashionable topics in the field of financial markets. For token issuers, they are a success story. In 2018 alone, more than $14 billion has been raised in ICOs. So, whether you are starting a startup or looking for something to invest in, ICO will be a better bet.

In Africa, there were no popular ICO exist so far, but the story is different now. And if you are looking for an ICO To Invest In Africa, we are here to help.

POICoin ICO - Africa’s Best ICO to Invest in

Meet Africa's first coin in value exchange and empowerment - PoiCoin. It is a revolutionary cryptocurrency developed in Africa and aims to revive Africa's dying economy by putting blockchain technology in every mobile phone and by becoming Africa's first coin in value exchange and empowerment.

It will provide a blockchain environment with a value system that allows the economy to bring together current blockchain compliant individuals/businesses and new or non-blockchain users through diverse systemic DApps powered by the same technology. These advanced DApps will serve as real-time practical solutions to real-life problems in Africa and beyond.

Problems that are getting solution with POI

The coin POI is a decentralized Ethereum blockchain-based digital currency created with the ERC20 standard for smart contracts. It will make transactions fast and will help you in saving by eliminating the intermediates. POICoin is providing solutions to the existing problems and providing a better way with more profit and advancement.

.Unavailability of everyday products and services on a blockchain platform.

.Inability to do business globally using the preferred mode of payment.

.Complex and slow platform which makes it difficult for people to use the platform efficiently without rigorous training.

.The middleman between producers/e-commerce and consumers/users makes payment processing more difficult and very costly.

.Non-availability of a secure payment system that allows merchants to accept digital currency.

.Inability to safely and easily convert digital currencies such as bitcoin and ether into local currencies

Features of POI

PoiCoin is providing a solution to all the existing problems which are listed above with its vital features including:

.Wallet Services


.Global Exchange



.POI Token



.Strategic Partnership

.POS and Debit Cards

Why POICOIN is the best ICO to Invest in Africa?

POICOIN is the best ICO to Invest in Africa because it is providing a better solution and platform, it has features that will attract new blockchain users as well as existing blockchain users.

It is utilizing the reach of smartphones and with DApps it is making sure that people use their services and apps. By creating an ecosystem it is providing a better e-commerce platform to users with lots of offers, bonus and discount. Thus POICoin is here for a reason to improve the standard of life and revive the economy of Africa.

And have we mentioned that it is planning to launch its own exchange? Yes, you heard it right, POICOIN will have its own exchange thus more ROI, more profit and more bonus to users and investors.

PoiCoin is the best ICO to Invest in Africa right now, it is the only ICO that has a proper plan, having good scope, having all the solutions and features and at last it is available at a very low cost. So don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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