Certificate Verifier is a modern-day platform that aims to help individuals, groups and businesses work smoothly by identifying and eliminating obstacles such as scams and frauds that come their way.

We have served hundreds of clients over the years and from document verification to business verification we have provided them with the required services. We helped them by protecting their reputation, finance, and working operation. But recently we encountered something that forced us to change our way of thinking.

While investigating some clients we came across some crazy fraudulent activities happening in Cameroon, Africa that need to be shared with the world. So that in the future no one else will fall into the trap of these frauds.

What’s the Matter?

Known as “Africa in miniature”, Cameroon is a country with a huge timber industry. Cameroon’s logging industry produced more than 5 million meters of logs in 2020. Thus, it holds a significant percentage of global timber logging activities.

The domestic timber industry in Cameroon is extremely important to the economy and creates thousands of jobs. But, in recent years the picture is not as clear as it was before. Since last year there has been an increasing number of cases of Cameroonian companies taking payment and non-delivery of wooden logs.

A few of our clients who were in the way of making a deal with some Cameroonian timber companies, opted-in to our business verification plan and requested us to investigate the companies they want to deal with or want to place an order with them.

While investing, we found that those companies are cheating people and businesses around the world and we also found some solid proof against them. Additionally, all the details provided on the website are false and all the content is copied from the official website of one reputed company that you can easily find on google.

These companies have been cheating people and businesses for the last couple of years and if you as an individual want to check the authenticity of their businesses then check the details provided below.

Is Cameroon Wood Production Company (SCPbois.net) a Fraud?

Yes, it is! Cameroon Wood Production Company is a fraudulent company with fake details. It can be easily observed with the details the company is claiming on its official website i.e. Scpbois.net.

So, on its official website, the company and its website is active in this industry since 2012 however a simple search in the whois database will tell you that the domain is registered in 2021. And as we already revealed above, all the content, even images, are copied.

Additionally, if you will search scpbois.net on google then you will also find a number of their previous fraud cases, works, and evidence as well. Most of their old links listed on google will be redirected to other websites.

Additionally, we also have payment proofs in the name of SCPB and also have the contact details of the people and businesses who made the payment and even after months, there are no updates about their orders.

Is Cameroon United Forests (cufcm.co) a Fraud?

We have a number of payment proofs and an actual payment maker in contact that will tell the story of the fraud of this company. They have a good online presence and knowing about their fraud activities is not that easy.

Check the receipts attached to this blog to know about the payment made and feel free to contact us to know the actual payment maker who is still waiting for their wooden logs.

That’s all for today, stay away from these companies and choose genuine companies to deal with or place orders with. Even after taking all the precautions and checking all the details, if something doesn’t seem right, contact the certificate verifiers and opt-in for the business verification service. We will make sure that you only meet genuine companies and people.

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