Online learning has been on a rise lately. People of all ages prefer to study and learn online as opposed to physically attending classes because it’s both convenient and practical. Online learning has practically changed the way people receive education in this fast-paced world where not many have the time or patience for attending a real college. Well, online learning is for everyone and it’s the best way to hone your skills, get a diploma and upgrade your career without the need to ever leave your current job or compromise on other responsibilities.

In this article, we will talk about some of the top online education platforms that exist and provide services globally.

What is an online learning platform?

An online learning platform is a website or app through which you can learn a skill, study online, attend a university course or learn something using the internet and a mobile/computer device.

Top Online Education Platforms in 2022-23

1. Green Uni Network

Green Uni Network is a different kind of online learning ecosystem than most other platforms that we’ll talk about here. It uses blockchain technology along with multiple other advanced technologies and systems to offer affordable and unprecedented access to European Diplomas in Informatics and Computer Science to everyone in the world. It provides online education through a series of platforms, such as the Smart Student Platform and E-Library, where students can select from hundreds of authentic and high-quality courses from affiliated universities and colleges all around the world. They can use Greeny tokens to pay fees and other charges online and win reward tokens for all their activities within the ecosystem.

2. Udemy

Udemy is a popular online education platform for free and paid online courses. Founded in 2010, it is now one of the world’s most used online learning websites and apps. As of 2022, the platform was used by more than 5 crore students learning from over 70,000 teachers and using 200,000 courses available in 75+ languages.

3. Coursera

Coursera is a U.S.-based online education platform that is primarily used for online courses, including degree courses from prestigious universities. Founded in 2012, Coursera is now one of the world’s most popular online learning platforms providing education to over 9 crore students in 190 countries.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy was started by Mr. Sal Khan in 2008 as a non-profit educational organisation to provide affordable and high-quality education to students worldwide. It now provides a range of tools, applications and platforms for students to learn and study online through resources available in the form of videos, text and other course materials with easy and free access everywhere in the world.

5. edX

edX is a U.S.-based online open course provider or an internet-based platform that provides both free and paid online learning courses and education in association with top universities such as MIT, Harvard and more. You can choose and learn from over 3,500 courses on edX.

6. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning service by the famous professional social networking site LinkedIn. It provides free and paid video-based courses by industry experts in software and IT sectors for users to learn and grow their skill set for better career perspectives.

7. Codecademy

Codecademy is an online learning platform focused on teaching students to code for free. The platform offers free coding classes and courses in many top programming languages and has over 4 crore users as of April 2020.