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It was a fine evening sunset at the outdoor area of a fine restaurant. I was vacationing in Spain when I came across this painting of a white bull with the horns of a Texas Longhorn. An old man, the owner of the restaurant, noticed my seeing the picture and came over to me.

“Fine picture, huh?” he said in happy manner.

“Yes, indeed,” I replied, “what exactly is it?”

“Oh, that is one of the greatest bulls in history,” the owner replied, “El Blanco.”

I was puzzled for a moment.

“You've never heard of El Blanco?” the owner asked, sounding somewhat disappointed.

I replied, “Sorry. I am afraid I haven't.”

The owner replied, “Oh, El Blanco is one of the most legendary bulls in the history of bullfighting. He was a great bull of which no man can tame. Would you like me to tell the story?”

I replied, “Sure, why not?

The owner pulled up a chair, asked one of the waiters to bring some wine, and prepared to tell me the story of El Blanco. In about several hours, I would come to know some of the most historic events in the history of bullfighting....all revolving around this supposedly unstoppable bull.

El Blanco's Beginnings
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Don Leon Dominguez

El Blanco was born in a prominent ranch on Barcelona back in 1963, and was one of the most recognizable cattle in the ranch of Don Leon Dominguez, who was a wealthy Spanish Don in a time when there began to be fewer and fewer Dons in the fledgling modern age. Overtime, El Blanco became one of the most unique animals in the world. No one usually imagined having a white bull in their ranch, let alone seeing it in the wild. El Blanco became the pride and joy of Don Dominguez and his family; as well as visiting locals. Then in 1966, El Blanco's fate would be decided....and become a destiny towards greatness.

Antonio Valdez(source:

Antonio Valdez, a retired Spanish bullfighter, was told of the unique white bull and decided to head to Don Dominguez's home to see El Blanco for himself. After being treated to a sumptuous dinner with the Dominguez family and being admired by the Don's children and grandchildren; Valdez had set his sights on El Blanco. The sight was quite intriguing; a pure white bull that as white as snow. Valdez thought of El Blanco gracing the arenas at bullfighting exhibitions, how El Blanco would run through the cloaks of many bullfighters while proving himself more than formidable. Valdez had a long chat with Don Dominguez, expressing his wish to have El Blanco becoming a bull for the bullfighting circuit. Don Dominguez appreciated Valdez's straightforwardness, but was torn between accepting or refusing Valdez's offer. El Blanco had been the pride and joy of the Dominguez family for at least three years by then. Many had often come to see the white bull in person to admire it. Valdez promised that El Blanco would be the pride and joy of everyone in all of Spain (and perhaps the whole world). Don Dominguez finally accepted the offer, though in tears. Don Dominguez knew that El Blanco would no longer be in his ranch, but perhaps the white bull could be considered the most magnificent bull ever known beyond the Dominguez family.

The Rise of El Blanco
Author: Tomas Castelazo;

El Blanco entered the bullfighting circuit two weeks after being taken by Valdez, and was originally not so popular at first. Then following the death of one of the circuits most famed bulls, El Blanco was chosen to become the star attraction. El Blanco was never a fighter before, nor had he ever gored anybody to death (he may have gotten rough and rowdy at times during his stay at the Dominguez Ranch, but nothing very serious). El Blanco was up against a veteran bullfighter, and it was a close exhibition. El Blanco easily handled the veteran bullfighter, who had came out of the arena running for his life. El Blanco did it! Once a new bull in the circuit, he quickly worked his way into becoming the main attraction in the circuit, and Valdez was right in his prediction all along.

El Blanco became the main attraction for all of Spain to see. In fact, more people were coming to the bull fights than ever before. Don Dominguez's whole family even came to visit him, since he was indeed their pride and joy. El Blanco was not like other bulls. While there were some bulls who were killed in the bullfighting circuit, El Blanco would not be killed by ANYONE. In fact, El Blanco made a conscious effort to show that he was not one to mess with. Perhaps he knew of the Dominguez family's love for him, or maybe he was just tapping into the age-old survival instinct. Whatever the reason, El Blanco was not going to go down....and that's what made him the star!

Remember when the owner said that no man can tame El Blanco? Well, the owner kinda corrected himself: there were two people that could actually be considered a more than worthy opponent of El Blanco. They were the Iron Senorita and Miguel Diego (nicknamed Senor Diego). Those two were considered El Blanco's human equals, and while they didn't kill him, they did indeed put up a good fight.

El Blanco versus the Iron Senorita

No one knows for sure who the Iron Senorita was, other than she was one of the first female bullfighters ever (though most bullfighters never really considered her their equal). What is known is that she was born in an orphanage in Spain and that she was not a Spanish native (despite having become fluent in the language). She became intrigued with bullfighting in her late teens, and entered the circuit despite the criticisms (and detest) from other bullfighters. She would quickly become one of the most popular bullfighters in Spain, and it was on one particular day that she became known as El Blanco's first formidable opponent.

It was on a fairly warm spring day, and everyone gathered at the arena to watch the Iron Senorita come up against El Blanco. Once the game started, it was a VERY close one. The Iron Senorita and El Blanco wrestled each other for minutes, even hours! It all seemed like a match of the titans; like two gladiators battling to the death for a whole day in the Roman Coliseum. Finally, the fight ended with El Blanco exhausted and the Iron Senorita surviving (despite looking bloodied). No one had ever outmatched the white bull before, and it certainly surprised everyone (including Don Dominguez, who sadly passed away several months after that exhibition). El Blanco probably felt a hint of satisfaction; all the fighters he ever met were easily hurt, maimed, or scared away. He probably was getting bored of that routine; here was a bullfighter who not only matched him, but made sure he never killed her.

El Blanco versus Senor Diego

The second worthy opponent, Miguel Diego, was born to a hired hand that worked for Don Dominguez. He was also a great admirer of Antonio Valdez, dreaming to one day be like him. He would enter the bullfighting circuit and quickly rose to be one of the main stars. He had a great many admirers, including one in the form of his lover Maria (the daughter of Don Dominguez).

It was a hot summer day at Barcelona where the bullfight took place. Senor Diego was to take on the legendary El Blanco. So far, only the Iron Senorita was able to take on him. Many bullfighters either fled or were maimed by El Blanco, and many of them were veteran bullfighters! Senor Diego, however, would become an exception. As the fight started, Senor Diego bravely withstood and avoided the many tricks El Blanco had performed against him. The white bull had never had this much fun fighting since he fought the Iron Senorita. Senor Diego did not get to kill El Blanco, but he let the legendary bull know that he was not going to go down like those before him. El Blanco eventually became exhausted, and it became clear that El Blanco (despite his popularity) was not completely unstoppable. In fact, two bullfighters have now proved that.

The End of a Legend

El Blanco lived another decade after his fateful match with Senor Diego. He would later pass away of natural causes, but not before mating with a female cattle. That cattle would give birth to a male calf, who was later named Dominguez in honor of the man who previously owned El Blanco. El Blanco's legacy lived on in the minds of many men, women, and children in all of Spain (and even around the world). Many people from around the world came to see the magnificent white bull even before his famed matches with the Iron Senorita and Senor Diego. He proved to be a magnificent spectacle, way beyond even Antonio Valdez's expectations. El Blanco was forever ingrained into the history and culture of Spain.

The owner finished his story and I was completely amazed by what I had heard tonight. A legendary white bull who was now a part of the Spanish culture. It was so invigorating that I decided to attend the bullfighting match the next day. I sat down and began to view the arena. The bullfighter there was getting ready, and then I saw was a white bull! A very familiar looking white bull....I wonder....

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