This is part of this week's Freaky Friday Contest by @pete. By the way, the last part of the title is reference to a line from a 1991 sci-fi movie. I'll give you a couple of hints: Shakespeare and Ridged Foreheads....also sorry for not posting anything lately.

It was a bright sunny day. I readied my kayak for rowing. I did not really have any plans for today, other than rowing across the river. I took a lunch box with a big handful of sandwiches and some soda. I had some music to listen to (I was going to listen to music from some video games; I would love to read what video games you think I would listen to music from in the comments). I had my life jacket on in case my kayak turned over, and of course a cell phone to call for help if I needed (I kept it turned off until I needed it so not to wear down the batteries). I got ready to go and made sure everything was set; and it was. And so, I started to row my kayak on the river with the earbuds of my music player on and the volume in a fair level so that I could still hear the immediate surroundings somewhat. And I started to row.

I began rowing across the lake and started to head towards a river about 50 yards away from where I started. I began to look around a bit at the beautiful clear skies and the shining sun (not directly at it of course; that'll ruin your eyes). I felt like I was going on an adventure of a lifetime. As I started toward the river, I felt I could be traveling through the rivers of the world, and that was what I was going to do.

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I first started rowing through Cumberland Falls in the good old state of Kentucky. As I went down its beautiful waterfall, I felt an exhilaration one would get while riding some ride on a county fair. I felt my stomach move around as I went down, my heart feeling the adrenaline rush, and the hairs on my body standing up like grass. As I kept rowing after that, I could hear the crisp sounds of water flowing through the waterfall, like one big faucet. I also took the time to admire the beautiful rocks and trees that graced the edges of Cumberland Falls. I felt like I was rowing through an island (like the ones from Jurassic Park even), and exploring its beauty. After minutes of admiring the scenery, I kept on rowing.

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My next stop; the Rogue and Youngs Rivers in Oregon. I was traveling through narrow corridors with rocky yet beautiful edges. I could see a bridge above, yet nobody was walking it yet. It didn't matter to me why though; all I wanted to do was row through that river. It was like being in an outdoor resort and on a river adventure. I really felt the excitement flow through my veins and into my mind. And then it started to lower, not because of disappointment, but because I was now rowing through the quiet and somewhat misty Youngs River. Sometimes when enjoying something, you also have to find time to take things slow. The partly cloudy skies graced the atmosphere and the mist complimented the outdoor atmosphere one could find while traveling a river.,_Kanuti_NWR_(5124078286).jpg

Author: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters

After awhile, I was rowing through the curves of Kanuti Island. It now felt like I was rowing through the beautiful American landscape on an afternoon. The water was so shiny that one could see his/her reflection. It was like rowing in either a beautiful American morning, or maybe a beautiful American evening. Everything was quiet and serene this time around, and I felt a sense of relaxing peace.

Author: Daniel Schwen

Now I was rowing through the lake across the city of St. Louis, at the sun was setting, giving the whole area a smooth urban sunset feeling that can only be accompanied by contemporary jazz music. I rowed very slowly so that I could absorb the atmosphere. It was relaxing, and I got to view it myself. The lighting on the buildings, the glow they gave to those buildings, and also the arch nearby encompassed the ultimate experience of urban evenings. I was always a fan of urban evening atmospheres; reminds me of when I was a kid growing up in the 90s. It was certainly something I was never going to forget.,_London_-_Feb_2007.jpg

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Finally, I rowed through the Thames River of London, England. I continued to row slowly so that I could enjoy what was now becoming a nighttime atmosphere. The view of Big Ben, listening to orchestral music, and the dim lighting on the buildings graced the background. I really enjoyed my little rowing adventure, and I was sure going to do it again soon.

Author: Commander John Bortniak, NOAA Corps.

Then, after awhile, I was right back where I started. The sun was rising and I went back to shore. I decided to check the time after seeing the sky, so I turned on my cellphone and found that it was 7:00 AM.....tomorrow! I had spent the whole day kayaking! Well, it didn't matter, since I had a good time. I decided to rest at a bench somewhere near the park and eat my sandwiches, which I forgotten to eat yesterday.

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