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by Paul J Everett; CC BY 2.0

Anyone who has ever seen a rodeo or a bull ride probably knows that the prospect of riding on a wild and out of control animal is not a risk to take lightly. And its one of the most adrenaline pumping sports in the entire world. In fact, the idea of someone riding on a violently shaking animal would make one wonder if they could ever survive and not get hurt. Of course, however one feels about it, people do enjoy rodeos every now and then. For those who participate in the events, there is a sense of enjoyment and feeling alive with the adrenaline flowing freely across one's veins. It truly is unforgettable.

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On one particular day in the state of Texas, people came from miles around to see one of the best rodeos in the United States of America (no, the entire North American continent....even better, the entire world). The good ol' city of Houston was the setting for this event, and some of the world's best rodeo performers came to perform in front a large crowd of people. Some of the best performers included Bob Saxon (a well known bull rider from Oklahoma), Joe McKinley (a horse rancher from New Mexico), Daisy McKenzie, and Jim Grant (another bull rider, this time from Florida). Everyone that watched the rodeo was really pumped to see the upcoming attractions that day. And it was sure going to be a Texas rodeo.

The first attraction consisted of several of the performers riding horses while rounding up a handful of cattle. This was a unique recreation of the days when cowboys would round up cattle for cattle drives or at ranches....treacherous days where cattle can run you over and trample you if you were not careful enough. Anybody that has rounded up cattle (either back then or in the modern times) will tell you that rounding cattle is no picnic; cattle can be temperamental and will stampede if something goes dramatically wrong. The performers lassoed their ropes at the group of cattle and rounded them into the big enclosure. It was as if they knew what they were doing as they recreated the old days of the Old West for everyone to see. One might speculate that either they descended from cowboys, or perhaps they are Old West cowboys who somehow time travelled into the future. Well, either way, that show was a fantastic portrayal of the old days of cattle herding.

The second attraction was a spectacular display of horseback riding, and it was time for the veteran horse riders in the rodeo to shine. The horse riders and their horse did various stunts to appease their audience. Jumping over obstacles, running to the horse and then quickly getting on, horses standing on two feet for at least 30 seconds....a lot of these stunts really wowed the audiences. People were busy taking photos or recording videos of these stunts to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

El Muerte

The third and final attraction was of course what everyone was REALLY hoping for: the riding of the wild bulls! Herding up cattle was no picnic....and riding a wild bull certainly was not one either. In fact, people have been known to get hurt or even killed by wild bulls during rodeos. As the riders took turns riding on the wild bull named El Muerte, everyone was at the edge of their seats, knowing that this was the moment that they were waiting for. The bull was being restrained by 7 people as the riders took turns in chancing the beast. One by one, each and every rider fiercely clanged to El Muerte so that they would not fall off or get hurt. One of them unfortunately fell the moment the bull started thrashing around, and two others could not even hold on for a few seconds. Even veteran Bob Saxon did not stay on the bull long for this one! Then Jim Grant came on and he held on as long as he could. He didn't think about fame, glory, or fortune; all he cared about was proving El Muerte who was the boss around here. He stayed on the bull for a WHOPPING 25 minutes; a new record for any bull rider in history! After the ride was over, it didn't really matter who else scored because Jim practically won by default. People started to talk about this world record, and the media had a field day covering this phenomenon. Soon, Jim Grant was interviewed by CBS, the BBC, Rede Globo's Jornal Nacional, Japan News Network, and many others. The Guinness Book of World Records even recorded this record onto their latest edition. All of this didn't really matter to Jim anyway; he was just out there performing for people, especially his wife and children.

The rodeo was the talk of the town for many weeks afterwards, and many people especially wanted to talk about Jim Grant riding El Muerte more than any of the other attractions that day. Tourism skyrocketed after that, with many more people coming to Houston to see the many attractions that a rodeo has to offer. That day was indeed a REAL Texas rodeo.

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