"Man nomadis" vs "Man stabilis sixth part"

This is the sixth post of a series of six. If you have not read the fifth post read:


We had naively lost our house, not making sure to lock it, but inside us we felt that we could help a person in need.

We also had plans to make a vegetable garden, so as to be as independent as possible of buying food.

But even this project was not made not to disturb the privacy of the boy.

The months passed, until the day of our departure to return to Italy, we could no longer set foot in our sweet little house, always occupied by the boy, so that I could not have the experience of living a freer lifestyle, in which you cancel, or try to minimize the need to work for a living.

Today I still have the doubt, how would the adventure have ended, if there had not been the British boys' mishap?

we will only know how to try it again, it is not excluded that in fact, I can return one day to Tenerife and complete my experiment, the cherisulta at the moment unfinished.

Often in times of difficulty I've been thinking, because I do not give up everything and I escape in Polynesia, and I join those primitive people who live in contact with nature, without having frantic rhythms, not having to depend on work and money , thus leading a healthier and more harmonious lifestyle.

After the trip to Tenerife, I began to think that after all Polynesia could wait, I can very well try this adventure in Tenerife being much closer to home, without having to take a long trip, without having to do tourist visas, staying at within the European Community and being able to come back in case of need.

So I just have to decide, make a nice plane ticket to the Canary Islands, destination Tenerife and complete my experiment.

Then you can finally say, but above all live on the skin the difference between a classic lifestyle lifestyle and a semi-nomadic lifestyle and less tied to work and money.

Only then can I really really answer the question:

"Have we earned us to trade freedom in exchange for the need to work?"

So we will meet again one day, when I will have my answer to the aforementioned question.

See you next friends