I believe you are so familiar with this kind of sport that is mainly played indoors. Yes! Futsal is a type of football that uses the smaller field than a football pitch.  It can be said as the version of five-a-side football and it has become one of the favorite sports around the world. Futsal means the football game consists of two teams, just like the football. However, futsal is played by five players in each team. Unlike some other forms of indoor football, the game is played on a hard court surface delimited by lines; walls or boards are not used. Futsal is also played with a smaller, harder, low-bounce ball. The surface, ball, and rules together favor ball control and passing in small spaces. The BBC football writer Alistair Magowan has said, "The emphasis is on improvisation, creativity, and technique.

The purpose of this sport is the same with football that is the player must take the ball to the opposing team goal using manipulation skill with their foot. Futsal is played on a hard court, the field is smaller than a football field, which mostly takes place indoors. Futsal is growing fastly throughout the world in South America, especially Brazil. It is said the popularity of futsal is equal with basketball. In my country, futsal has been adopted as the daily sport so the rented indoor space is opened to cover the futsal training.

Futsal was found in 1930 di Montevideo ''Uruguay'' by a football coach Juan Carlo Ceriani. It happened when he moved the football training indoor due to the football field was wet. Juan thought, that the indoor training was so much effective and he ended up with the idea of initiating to create an indoor football, that would be the named "Futsal" which only needed five players in each team. The name of Futsal come from Spanish futbol and sala which means the indoor football. Juan promoted this sport throughout South America, and people were so much welcome with its invention. The popularity of futsal had drawn the government to establish the body in São Paulo in 1971, under the name of Federación Internacional de Fútbol de Salón (FIFUSA). Until then, futsal went to the international competition. The Futsal World Cup was the first time held in the USA in December 1985 which took a place in The Rule of The Game Rohnert Park, California. The first FIFUSA World Championships were held in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1982 with the hosting Brazilian team crowned champions against Paraguay in front of an audience of 12,000 people, with Uruguay placing third. The Federation then began to work to bring the big event to Europe. In 1985, the second futsal World Cup was organized in Madrid, Spain, where the Brazilian team won again. The event was a success, with a considerable media interest and a huge response from the audience, thanks to the Spanish TV station that filmed the event.

Today, futsal is so popular across the globe, and it is considered as an age-friendly sport. Due to this sport is quite popular, many futsal lovers establish the futsal club for daily training and competition. Upon its popularity, a lot of competition was held, either national or international competition. Just like other sports, the futsal strongly needs a solid team, skills and techniques, and stamina for sure. Although, the field is not as large as a football field, and the energy is lesser than the football that makes the player move toward the ball rapidly and dynamically. Duration of the gameplay is 2 x 20 minutes. If the game is draw , the extra time will be 2 x 5 minutes. The futsal game is also led by referee whose job to ask the time-out to the timer, as much as 1 minutes in each round. The timer will allow the time-out when the ball goes out of the field. When being on time out, the players are not allowed to leave the court. Any team that requests for a timeout at the first round, in the second round will be given 1-time time-out. In the middle of the time-out, the players may set a strategy or best technique to own the gameplay. That is one of the reasons why the futsal is loved by everyone. So, what are the popular techniques are used in futsal:


The ball is controlled by the inside of the foot to pass the ball in short distance (short passing). This is commonly used in the gameplay, and it is believed, it can reach the target accurately, the short kick or it is also used when the penalty kick. The kick is used the inside of the foot allows the player to kick the ball as hard as they can, due to the relatively small, the slow passing ball can be overtaken by the opposing team. The player passes the ball with different areas of the foot, such as top, bottom, or outside and inside of the foot that may allow the players to control the ball. When doing this technique, the player should avoid using the toe when they pass the ball, it usually keeps the ball on the ground, slowing its progress and making it easier for a defender to intercept it.

2. The Tip Toe Shooting

The Tip Toe Shooting is shooting ball using the tip shoes. It is done when a player is confronted with the goalkeeper. It is a way out for the player to do a shoot when the player is being too close to the goal, the tiptoe shooting is considered as an effective way to shoot on goal.

3. Dribbling

Dribbling is used as the decoy in the gameplay, a player must have this technique. The dribbling itself has a few ways to do, such the outside of the foot dribbling. This technique uses the right foot can be distracting to the left foot of the opposing player or vice versa. The weakness of this technique is, it can not distract the opponent from the right side when the players use the right foot. The dribbling relies on the inside of the foot, purposely to distract on the right side. The weakness of this technique can not distract the opponent from the left side if the player uses the right foot. While the dribbling uses the back of the foot is to control the ball in straightway if there is no opposing player blocked the way. However, this technique is considered as not so effective to distract the opponent in the left or in the right side.

4. Shooting

The shooting is an effective technique in futsal, the way to apply this technique is the same with TTTS which used the tip shoes to shoot the ball. Shooting uses the technical element like passing, with the purpose of applying this technique is to pass the ball beyond the goalkeeper. Normally, the player looks up to see the position of the goalkeeper, picking a side to shoot the ball to the goal. The ankle of kicking foot is locked and the toe is directed down when shooting with the instep. Hips and knees of kicking foot are pointed in the direction of the shot. When shooting, the player swings the strong leg back and forward the ball, making an intense contact with the inside of the foot. Aiming is difficult because it happens with the toe. If the big toe points to the right, the ball will go to the right, or vice-versa.

5. Speed

The speed is one of the big deal in the futsal game, the players are demanded to possess the speed skill when rolling the ball. It uses to look for a space to feed the ball, during the gameplay the speed determine the quick move, distract the opponent and organize the quick formation when shooting or defense. So that, the speed is a must skill that should be owned by the futsal players.

6.Physical Health

In the futsal, the physical strength is demanded to support the speed and other techniques and it also determines the player to stay fit during the gameplay.

Final Thought

Futsal is found by Juan Carlo Ceriani in 1930 di Montevideo ''Uruguay.'' Throughout its expansive growth, futsal is considered as a favorite sport around the world and plenty of national and international is held. Futsal, just like other sport, needs the technique and skill to master the gameplay. Although the futsal takes place indoor and the field is smaller than a football pitch, the skills are quite necessary as well as the strategy of the gameplay. This typical football sport is played by two teams, each team consists of five players. During the gameplay, the referee is allowed to ask for the time-out as much as 1 minute in each phase. So, the players can put themselves in discussing the further strategy with the teammate. Considering, the futsal is familiar sports among sports lovers, the futsal is today adopted as the daily sport. It is also encouraged people to establish a futsal club for competition purpose. 



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