### How to increase user score in Steemhunt.

If your user score in steemhunt is low so this post is very precious for you

to increase your user score.

If your user score is below from the 1 so you are notr eligible for the steemhunt upvote that is very worth.

#### What is User Score?

Steemhunt user score is a measurable index that demonstrates how a hunter is contributing to the value of Steemhunt platform.

![user score.png](https://images2.weku.io/DQmZT7H3VjUzvxoXQge6F9nbGTuPWjzDt7reZMujSJVADMv/user%20%20score.png)

User Score = (1) HUNT Power Score X (2) Contribution Score

HUNT Power Score (HPS) indicates how much of a stake in the HUNT token you have compared to other users at this moment.

Contribution Score (CS) shows your activity-wide contributions in the community compared to other users. It calculates the user’s activities over the last 30 days based on 4 subcategories - credibility (trustworthiness of the account), activity (how active in Steemhunt), curation (upvoting in an adding-value way), and hunter (valuable hunts/comments the user has posted).

Since both scores are determined based on the performance of other users, your user score may vary everyday. In other words, your user score may be decreased when other users achieve a higher performance than you, even if you have maintained the same amount of HUNT power and contribution activities. The max score is 10.

This para of what is user score is taken by steemhunt official website