G'dday Dear Scorumites ,

It's a pleasure to bring this your way, because I trust this project and I know lots of folks out there,need it.

Today I draw our attention to the working environment. I hope we all are gaining grounds in the workplace? In reality, poverty isn't the absence of money,but the absence of creativity,absence of diligence. So please keep your creative oil flowing and be diligent. Something called "improvisation" is a useful tool for success at work.

If ever you can discover what you were naturally wired to do– because every man is born with such a uniqueness– you have hit a gold-mine that will create a niche for you. Please develop yourself along that line and soar to amazing heights.

I want to contribute in a little but quality way,in making your dreams come true or making the dreams of your loved ones or friends hit bull's eye.


Many of us know how a CV is one's "publicity secretary", it is supposed to sell you. Well, it can make you or mar you. For the benefit of doubt, a CV can be roughly defined as a brief account of a person's education, qualifications, and previous occupations, typically sent with a job application.

Since it goes for you like an ambassador, it is important you are careful with it's content. There are proper arrangements of these things to avoid things like verbosity or gross ambiguity. There are also little tips you should know to include in your CV so that your potential employer doesn't push your CV aside. It is true that many companies receive a deluge of CV's weekly, thus you have to be spot-on with your CV presentation, to at least be in the mix for job consideration.

This team is passionate about teaching you these, making your CV have a truly professional touch to it.

So in a nutshell, you will be taught:

1) the professional way of fIlling out your CV.

2) how to tailor your CV to fit job requirements.

3) how to properly address you CV's.

4) the applications(apps) that help you create the best CV's.

Furthermore, you will be taught how to write Cover Letters and Business Proposal letters. These are distinct from CV's, but also useful where necessary to secure that job you are looking to get.

So please cascade this information to as many folks as possible. This team is a worthy team with a sincere desire to help people grow and become the very best in their various fields. You can contact me or the contact number is on the flier.

We would gift the very first 10 people to register with a professional CV.