Qatar is currently preparing all the necessary facilities for hosting the 2022 World Cup

One of the priorities is solving the problem with shortages of green zones

Qatar has already begun preparing all the necessary facilities and infrastructures for hosting the 2022 World Cup. Green zones is one of the most serious challenge, that’s why a large-scale planting of grass and trees has begun. The plants turned out to be transported from Spain.

One of the future green zones was opened this year. It's one of the biggest zones in the country. It stretches for 888,000 square metres (which is equivalent to the size of Aspire Park in Doha). A big amount of trees was planted to help the grass grow, many of plants are from Spain. It's required for the surroundings of the stadiums, where the matches of the 2022 World Cup will be held.

The authorized officials that were responsible for planting have emphasized that these green areas will encourage a sustainable environment for trees’ recycling in other regional parts and the introduction of new species will contribute to a greater biological diversity: "The SC Tree Nursery opening is another example of how the State of Qatar is fulfilling its promise to ensure the 2022 World Cup leave a long-lasting environmental legacy for the country."

It seems that Qatar intends to host the 2022 World Cup in a top-notch style and there´s no doubt about its organization skills. That's seen in the spectacular stadiums that have been built.

Source: Sport