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Beautiful, sunny day and almost over.

The sun was already setting, week was closing.

And, step by step, I carried out my plan to become a stewardess. To do this I missed the last point of recruitment - swimming. Along with my boyfriend, I went to the nearest pool, entering there felt that this Friday is a breakthrough.

The previoust step in my recruitment was to learn first aid, so as soon as I saw a man in the water, I froze, the other man, holding a stick next to him, and only passed by thinking that he was attacking him. The pool was empty due to the fact that it was late hours of Freaky Friday (or I just thought that pool it’s empty), my boyfriend though he had fewer elements of the swimsuit to be put on, he always left the locker room later. I only had one thought in my head.

After watching in the afternoon the horror and I heard sentence of my boy, that only a jump on the deep water will let me learn to swim ... I jumped.

Through the last course of first aid I felt intrepid altruist, horror watched on the same day added the drama situation, and a lot of want to very fast learn how to swim, which the boy stoked the words that you have to jump on deep water, jumped. OMG I jumped, to save the Lord who ... just shot the goal in the underwater hockey. From these few seconds under the water I remember only the puck flying towards my side, or maybe a hockey stick. A struggle, a cry of a boy, and that it was ... wet. Sometimes it happens in the pool – you are wet. When they fished me out and gave me a tap on my back to spit out all the water, I heard only laughter.

The worst part was that:

a) mens were professionals and practiced underwater hockey professionally - so no one needed to be saved,

b) my boyfriend gave me a new nickname - deep, from the depth of water I had jumped on, from the stupidity I showed, and other exemples you can add,

c) my stewardess career is in doubt, because "diving" with a gentleman swept the stick and I now have a beautiful tumor. Fortunately the water has cumulated the hit and I only have a forehead in the colors of the rainbow, so for now any foundation will not cover it, so I will be like from horror girl during recruiting procedur,

d) during the jump I lost my bra so all the gentlemen I did not notice entering the pool, because of course they played under water, they could admire my new tattoo on my chest, which is quite brave, I will not mention my young, firm breasts.

Underwater Hockey from

Such a crazy Friday, he brought a very "deep" message.

Think first, then act!

And the next one, if everything ends well it is worth remembering that laughter is health.

Thank you so much for reading I hope you had fun! Sorry for my engish in progress! Enjoy my blog and try your strength in the competition.