Arm wrestling is a power wrestling on the hands, a type of combat sports. Despite its popularity. Regular tournaments and championships arm wrestling is not included in the program of the Olympic Games, although it fully meets its requirements. For example, it is objective and is conducted according to the same rules for all countries and participants. The only thing that hinders him is the presence in the world of more than one association representing "armwrestlers".

The history of armwrestling

Arm wrestling appeared in ancient times. According to some sources, "armwrestling" could originate from ancient fist fights, they were often practiced by both English knights and ordinary townspeople. The latter is considered more possible, since in England fights often took place in narrow streets, where a full-fledged fight with waving fists was almost impossible. Therefore, men who decided to talk heart to heart had to resort to alternative, but no less courageous ways to show their strength. Fighting on arms and among the Vikings found recognition.

Despite its success, arm wrestling was officially recognized as a sport only in the 1950-1960s. It all began in 1952 in the United States, when journalist Bill Soberanes organized the first official hand-fighting competition in the city of Petalumo. This tournament, held in a local bar, was so popular with the public that it began to be held on a regular basis.

The number of fans of power play grew steadily, and in 1961 Bill Soberanes founded the first sports organization in armwrestling, in 1962 the first international championship in this sport was organized. The tournament became the starting point of arm wrestling as a sport, and its founder was awarded a bronze monument. The monument was erected in the city of Petalumo and depicted Soberanes himself, wrestling in his arms with his friend Dave Devota, who later headed the armwrestling association.

After the 1962 championship, armwrestling began to gain popularity: over the course of several years, it spread first to individual states, and then throughout the country. Beginning in 1969, the American television company ABC took up the broadcast of armwrestling, which in 16 years was able to promote this sport to the whole world.