Sports fans of the world - please feel free to spread this post across your social networks targeting sports fans. Scorum is the best place to create sports content, to read news and opinions, to enjoy a community with engagement, fun and additional features such as betting and fantasy (integrated in one platform soon). Trying to build a German language content hub seems more difficult as expected probably given:

1 - A lot Germans are here but mainly post in English - maybe as they see more reward potential by not writing in their mother language

2 - Too many German sports fans are not aware about blockchain and crypto in general

3 - I am not patient enough

Stop looking and smiling - start writing in German (Source)

Since over one month the German Scorum domain is alive and kicking but only a handful of authors are writing in German. I appreciate some international writers use bounty options and translate into German however I have to admit some pieces are really bad German - we NOW need to attract new users by good local written content. I have no time to write every week in German given some job responsibilities so we need more and we need a team.

So calling also the existing German Scorum users to write GERMAN

Fantastic German speaking Scorum users are on this platform already but I would love to see them also writing in German to attract a lot new users which would be beneficial for all of us.

So please guys in the following - use German as well!



@acidyo (yes I know he speaks German indeed!)





I am curating your content

I will still invest most of my Scorum time moving forward to curate German content by my voting power but in the last weeks there was not enough to really curate apart from the brilliant @tomtheone who is very active in creating good content.

I will continue next week with localising great English write-ups by @pete who is happy for us to translate his guides into any other language here on Scorum.