At the beginning of 1961, a delegation of Soviet gymnasts toured the United States doing shows in several locations. In the Summer of that same year, it was the USA team’s turn to send some gymnasts to the Soviet Union for a friendly dual meet that was held in Moscow.

During the competition, rather than having all gymnasts of one team competing consecutively in one apparatus as it was common at the time, the organizers had a gymnast from the Soviet Union, followed by one gymnast from the United States, followed by another gymnast from the USSR, and then another from the US, and so on, compete in a given apparatus, just like it’s done in world championships and Olympic Games since the quad that started after the Rio 2016 Olympics.

On vault, there was an unusual 3-way tie for the gold medal, as the current vault Olympic champion, Margarita Nikolaeva, and the Olympic and world all around champion, Larisa Latynina, both from the Soviet Union, and the American Betty Maycock, all got the exact same score of 9.6.

This video, shows Margarita Nikolaeva, performing her vault.