What should we see on a blog?

Giving a good detailed analysis or copying the stats line from their local newspaper. Translating a local article and plopping it into an english document with NO personal take.

Where does the line start? The line between good content and bad. A user's ability to vote with their full sp and the fact they are misuing it. Friends. The line is a full county over with @robin-ho aka mindblast. He is textbook abuse. After promising us in the past that he is sorry and will change his ways. He lied.

This can be a hard problem to discuss on the site. Due to the fact many people will swarm to the defense of a user who's abusing if they feel like they will get a big upvote. They pepper his comment section with praise ignoring the quality hoping he will upvote their comments. And later their posts.

That makes him a baby Haejin. A creature who's growing into something ugly.

Why is Robin Ho like a baby Haejin?

Hajein is a known shit poster on steemit with massive amounts of SP. He will post really bad technical analysis on crypro charts. Where users lose money in the long run. He'll do these posts a couple times a day and upvote himself to hundreds of dollars. Each.

What's the difference between them.

Robin ho does sports.

These sports posts aren't good. They are a failing grade on a third grade level assignment. They have obviously gone through a translation program. Not surprising because he has plagiarized in the past before. You have to read a few lines repeatedly because the Filipino-english translation software isn't perfect.

He creates a post about the Lakers & copy and pastes the stats AND STILL GETS IT WRONG ON WHO WON. The Timberwolves won the game and he copied and pasted that part into his article. But slapped the headline that it was a close win for the purple and gold. He doesn't care about making good content. Doesn't care about you dear reader or scorum. Just making shit he can upvote with 100% power to get it to trending. And all the minnows flock to him telling him how great it is. And he gives them 1% up votes.

Do you really want him to be the face of Scorum? This low effort concealed plagiarism? He has STOLEN 25,000 SP from the reward pool while good authors who spent hours making unique posts barely crack 10 dollars. Guys like him killed steemit when bid bots went live. We may never get bidbots but that won't stop him from screwing with the trending algorithm.

As you can see I flagged his post. It's a message I do not agree with his payouts and will see who else cares enough to agree with me.

This is a robbery by a lazy criminal. Who's going to help me round up Robin-ho?