No friends, it's not soccer ... Our national sport is called duck. I bet you did not know ?!

It is not weird? think that in Argentina, a country recognized for its world football, a country where there is a paddock (here we call pastures the precarious soccer fields made on land) in every neighborhood, every corner ... and think that your national sport is plays horses and is called duck XD. Well, it's like that!

I still feel a new user and with a lot to tell in Scorum. I will publish little by little more things about me and my land, I like them to know where I come from. I love knowing cricket from friends in India, as well as sports that are seen from friends in Africa. This is how I believe that a community should interact, presenting, offering and making known what each one has to give.


During colonial times, the nineteenth century, the territory where today is Argentina, was populated by Spaniards and Creoles, the latter are also called "Gauchos" and would be something like the Cowboys of the movies but only that these were Argentines, and they looked something like this:

From the Gauchos many traditions of the Argentines are created, for example, the well-known mate we take here.

As well as the mate, our national sport, was also born from the hand of the Gauchos.

At that time, the duck was the most popular sport for men. The same, is named because they literally used a live duck in a leather bag that had four handles.

At that time, the game was very tough, played very hard and games became dangerous and bloody. This is why the game was banned in 1822 (after independence, 1816), in Buenos Aires.

At the end of 1938, the game was regulated and stopped being dangerous.

In 1953, it was declared a national game by President Juan Domingo Perón. Recently, on May 31, 2017, the Pato was declared a national game by Law No. 27,368.


It is important that the court is perfectly flat and this cover of grass or compact earth. Its dimensions are 180 to 220 meters long and 80 to 90 meters wide.

The rings, where the duck is dunked, have a diameter of 1 meter. Currently, a real duck is not used, it is only a leather helmet with 4 handles and it is usually white. The poles that hold the hoops are 2.4 meters high. The network is 1.4 meters deep.

The game consists of two teams of 8 riders each. The team that owns the duck, must advance to the final line to throw it to the basket and thus specify a goal.

When the duck is on the ground, the players of both teams have the right to pick it up. This is amazing because riding so close to the ground requires a lot of agility and dexterity with the horse.

Who is made of the duck, can pass it to a partner, this action is called "slapping", or, can ride to the hoop.

While a rider is riding, certain rules must be followed. It is an obligation for the rider carrying the duck, lifting it with the right hand and raising the right arm forward. In this way, said rider "offers" the duck to the rival, who can try to take the duck and steal it by "cinchado" (if the rider who carries the duck does not offer, it is called "negation", this action is not valid .

The cinchado is the characteristic play of the duck, really friends, these moments of the game are very exciting. When one rider offers and the other girths at high speed you can see the great dexterity of the riders and horses.

By clean jerks, the riders will try to make the duck. Something that must always be respected is that the rider who always offers girth with the right hand and the hand that holds the reins is always the right.

This sport requires highly trained horses and a great physical state of the riders to catch, cinch, slap and convert.

As I read on the Internet, there is a similar, very old game of Persian origin, called Buzkashi, still practiced in Afghanistan today. This also has very bloody origins that will not want to know haha.

Then I will leave you a short video where you can see how this sport is practiced. Always accompanied by the great Argentine barbecue (for those who do not know, the barbecue is the meat or barbecue that is seen at the beginning of the video XD)

Well dear friends, I will not do this longer. I think that with this information, you will already have a brief picture of the popular sport of my country, although the most played in Argentina is obviously soccer, but today they learned a sport that maybe they did not know.

I hope I have not boring you and as always, I want you to tell me if you knew the game, if you like it, and tell me what is the historical sport of your country.

Thank you for reading!

Greetings to all

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