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Hello Scorum! Lunatic Pandora Reporting for Duty!
Hello Everyone! My name is Lunatic Pandora (well it isn't but you know, online name and all) I was introduced to Scorum by a friend called @swolesome , he's running a community witness here and seems to be planning to do other cool stuff as well so keep your eyes open! I come from Steem where I usually blog about games, education and other randoms things related to cryptocurrencies and I have the same name over there! I'm big into e-sports and I was told there was a decent sized community here so I decided to come and check it out! When it comes to real, physical sports, the only sport I got into when I was younger was baseball and that was because my country is sort of an anomaly in South America when it comes to sports, while every other SA country was huge into soccer, here in Venezuela it was not really that popular, My country is rather big into Baseball and soccer only became popular a few years ago when our national team started to do shit! With that out of the way, the site looks pretty cool and the system works in a similar way to Steem so it was not that hard to get used to and decipher it so! See you around! Lets make some scores? Scorums? Is that a thing you guys say? Lets Scorum? You'll probably see me around commenting and maybe posting from time to time on e-sports related topics and maybe on baseball here and there which is the only sport I have a really "full" understanding off! Oh well and idk if there's any Formula 1 fans around here... I guess that is considered a sport too but I like it more because of the cars, the mechanics and the logistics of it all not that much into any team in particular, I just enjoy watching the races and knowing the specs of the cars... probably because i'm really into computers too and you can compare specs there too! See you around!