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My Introduction On Scorum
I am finally here for good. My name is Johnny from Ghana, I am 25 years old and I pupil teacher. I love what I do as pupil teacher because I love kinds so much. Discovering scorum wasn't any thing hard for me but the problem I had was, I had always found it difficult in making a post here on scorum until I had a friend who helped me out. I have registered scorum since last year 2018 and today, the 19th of March 2019 I am making my first post to introduce myself to everyone here on scorum. After receiving some few encouragement from my good friend @muchukunda, I have finally decided to share what I have got to you all. I also share my post on platforms like whaleshares.io, serey.io, bearshares.com and steemit.com. I love what I do as a blogger. I love to share Christian stuffs, motivational stuffs, poems, love messages and quotes reflections. I haven't been writing much on sports and I don't even write much on sports but I hoping as a member of scorum now I will be able to write more on sport. About My Avatar. My avatar was actually created by me and that is what I use on all my blogging platform with the exception of smoke.io. My real face is what you are seeing below; One thing I have learnt through my blogging experience is; Never say you can't if you have not taken the step yet. That is a great thing I have learnt in life just for the few months being on blogging platform. I pray my growth on scorum will be very quick so I can raise a team to help support other young members to grow along with us in the wonderful community. Teach other young members how to write better post and also present a post to look very presentable. That is the little I personally think I can also do to help this wonderful community. I will also need the love and support of other people here on this platform. Growing here can never be done only by my own efforts, I will need the support of the whole community. This will help me have the strength to support other people on the scorum community. I love what I do and I believe this community is all about love and sharing. This is how I intend to help support this community. As a Christian I love to share wonderful stuffs on some Christian related topics. I will also be sharing more motivational writings and poems. I love music and movies. I am a great fun of Barcelona F.C 💯%. I will be also sharing some interesting stuffs about this great football club. I am hoping all these stuffs I will like to share will be accepted here in this community.