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My Sunday Morning Exercise
Good morning and happy Sunday. Firstly, let me ask you a question: what should be a country's top priority in sports? Is it to be a champion on every major sporting events such as the Olympics and the World Cup? In my opinion, the top priority should be to familiarize sports and healthy lifestyle to its citizens. The photo above is exactly what I am talking about. It's not about winning a competition or trying to be the best at sports, but an effort to make people move their bodies. Urban life tends to worsen our health if we don't make time to exercise by ourselves. People here, especially elder ones, are haunted by diabetes and stroke, and it costs our government much money for healthcare. Knowing that our city government hosts a weekly event in our local area and assigns instructors to guide people to do exercise. And in a fun way too, we move our body following the music. There are not many places in Jakarta where you can gather with many people and move your body for free. I'm fortunate to live near one of those places. I always come here with my wife. We do this every Sunday, and most of the participants are women. Guys like me usually just gather in a corner and do our own exercise while waiting for our ladies, sometimes taking pictures. There is no way I would do that dance with the girls, right? :) After that, we usually jog a lap or two. I like to jog here because the air is fresh and the place is beautiful. The Sunday morning event attracts many people as well as food sellers. It's more like a festival, and people love festivals, don't they? I believe the success key for this weekly event is because people see this as a recreational activity, not a mere exercise. And that is a good thing actually. Because it's not easy to make people move their bodies, but now lots of them come here every week to exercise. Kids, elders, male, and female from nearby areas all come here every week. This is maybe not a typical sports article you read every day on Scorum, but I believe it's not less important than any Cristiano Ronaldo news or betting tips. And I would like to see more users daily lives sports here on Scorum. What do you do on Sunday morning?