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Autosport in NIGERIA
Autosport is a sport that involve cars and bike,is a sport that deals all about drifting,drag race and tour. It is well known and developed sport across the country,which is been legalise in many country, many people are into the sport,is a game of fun which mostly youth's love watching. But the case is diffrent here in Nigeria,Autosport in Nigeria is consider as an illegal activity,the Nigerian government does not consider it as a sport they believe is something of risk and waste of resources. But nevertheless many guys like me that have passion for the sport organise our selfs and develop our drift and drag race cars like the e30,e36 and so on,we usually organise the drift every sunday in the capital of Nigeria(Abuja)we have a loaction outskirts of the city which we use for doing our sport,many guys usually turnup alot to watch the sport because they have passion in the sport,sometimes during the event the force task usually stop the fun saying it's illegal sometimes they end up locking us up we the drifters,but is a sport we choose and dedicate our time to we still continue with the game anytime they realise us,although we spend alot of money in the game and we dont get anything as a return, we still love the sport beacuse is a sport that you excercise your body and also make your audience and fans happy with the moves you make most especially during the drift time. Although we have been trying our best following all the process possible to make sure our government legalise Autosport in the country but all in vain,but we will keep on doing our best to make sure the government legalise the sport in the country so that the future of upcoming youths that love autosport will be awesome. Greetings to you all tnc for reading your upvotes are highly appreciated,comments are highly welcome most especially from sport enthusiast like me.

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