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If the CEO of Scorum does not care about harassment within the community, it is for one of two reasons.Harassment is acceptable on Scorum.There is nothing he can do that would not ruin the platforms image.What does this mean? As I have said many times, Scorum is a house built on the side of a hill, it's foundation is weak. This is not much more than a Steemit copy-cat that has been expanded upon. Recent events have only verified my claims. Fairness and equality do not matter here. Harassment and bullying are perfectly acceptable, apparently. SP (Scorum Power) matters so much more than reputation. If there is a bad actor Scorum is not about to step in for the risk of destroying the illusion of decentralization. My recommendation is to abuse this platform until the team behind it is forced to make changes, otherwise they won't be so willing. Their current focus is on personal gain rather than creating a revolutionary sports media platform. Like I said, Scorum has a limited future because it was designed poorly, the inability to punish bad actors is only one example of the many problems that will be faced. As the platform grows in popularity a bottle-neck will be reached the rewards pool will be insufficient. Early investors will profit, sure, as long as they hop off this train before it derails. The only reason ad-revenue will be generated is because of the users, yet Scorum want's to only pay the community 40%? There is nothing proprietary here, everything is copy and paste, the large sum of revenue is a sign that they are not confident that Scorum will be able to pull in major advertisers. There is not a single visionary on the team, at least not one that is willing to speak up and not only did they fail to generate resources from the ico, they will fail to sustain the rewards pool. Like with Steem-based apps, user-retention will be a major problem. Many people here today will not be here a year from now after they withdraw their tokens. New users will have a difficult time because the rewards pool will not be able to sustain the demand for rewards. In the not-so-distant future you will see Scorum being marketed differently, because this won't be a sports media platform that is able to pay millions of users. The current stakeholders will rule the platform. If they leave they won't be so motivated to return once they find out that life on Scorum is not the same without SP. And how many witnesses are controlled by the team itself? This is probably a centralized platform, no transparency. You won't see @nhl calling out Scorum for "abusing the rewards pool using multiple accounts" even though that is actually a real possibility. It is already known that multiple team members are "witnesses", the question is how many witnesses are really controlled by the Scorum team? And don't worry Vlad, I'm aiming higher than sports media, however indirectly you will be effected. This is my final blog post.