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After months of joining - Introduction post
Hi everyone, my name is Destiny Marshall, I'm a music producer, a crypto enthusiasts, [BeyondBitcoin Pr/Outreach] and also a lover of dpos and masdacs platform, i have been promoting alot of blockchain projects all round, until recently where i am more focused on promoting mostly dpos platforms, i am the Founder of Project-Atlas. A project dedicated on promoting other crypto projects just like scorum with its community crowd force. www.projectatlas.info I am also a crypto musician (maybe one day i get to release Scorum theme song) won't you guys like that? here for few of my crypto songs choon.co/artists/marshalllife/ With that said, they are many things i do love to say about me, but i won't like to take much of our time. I'm also a footballer lol, yeah back then, soccer was kind of my thing, i love every bit of the game, the hassle, the passion, the team, the tears, the lost, the win, the everything - but as we got occupied with alot of things and started skipping trainings, our body became woody and heavy to carry lol........... but yet we have our fav team we support even though we can no longer be on the field to play the game we love, we at least watch the game we loved from our best team. wait, i don't mean the American football, i mean soccer. I have registered on scorum for months now, i don't actually use it - had too much stuffs to do and actually logging in once or twice trying to understand more of what it entails and how to be active . With that said, yeah I'm happy now to be here, and would be active and make exciting reports and analysis of football - i am also a blogger on whaleshares, steemit.com etc, you want to get me, go to your fav website and use the @marshalllife, once you can't find me there then , i don't exist there - thanks **And may the Best always win**

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