Plus some tips that may come in handy while playing at your favorite poker site.

That's right people, I have the privilege to be in on the Beta Test of the new Scorum Poker Site that will be going live in the near future... so pumped for this! :-D The site colors and graphics are coming together nicely, and I will be doing a complete site review when the time is right.

We were playing a NLH Freeroll Test game, and it was down to me and @thebull. He had a massive stack, compared to mine(3x). And on this particular hand, I was lucky enough to capture this hand, the straight flush... a rare bird indeed!

Chances of hitting this particular hand are 3,589.6 : 1 or 0.0279%. And I am now on the hunt for the Holy Grail of Poker, the Royal Flush. Chances of hitting this hand are incredibly rare, 30,939 : 1 or 0.0032%... and one day I will get it!

Straight Flush on SPL

I had the straight flush after the turn, went all in, and that 10d on the river was icing on the cake. Sorry, just had to show this bad boy off, even though @thebull still won the game. Yes he is that good, and most times is kickin my ass LOL!

And now some tips for going All In!

These are some things to consider before you shove that stack into the pot, mainly personal observations from playing. And I am in no way God's gift to playing poker so take that into consideration. That being said:

  1. To quote my favorite Star Wars Character Han Solo... Don't get cocky kid! Coming into a game and thinking you all that and a bag a chips will get you nowhere, except out of the game PDQ. Take some time and study your opponents before you get into a shove fest.
  2. If you are willing to bet half your stack on a raise or call, and you are confident that you got the chops to take that pot, go for it. Otherwise don't throw those chips away. Looking before you leap is always a good call.
  3. If you are running low on chips, and you are about done, take a swing for the fences and see what happens. You might just get lucky and stay alive for a few more chances to win the game. Sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind, and there is no choice. If you don't win the hand, chalk it up to a loss and move on to the next game!
  4. If the pot is low, and you got some pocket Q's or better, don't scare away the chips! You go All In on a next to nothing pot, you will most likely gain nothing in return. Think like a fisherman, use the best lure to get the best pots possible.
  5. Don't go All In at the start of a game, unless you know for a fact that you got your opponent by the short and curlys, or you know for a fact that they do not know what they are doing. You can thank them after for the early Christmas present. Let the competition eliminate themselves, and you can focus on tackling the players that are more experienced, and stay in the game. But snag some chips where you can, just sayin!
  6. It is always better to go All In pre-flop with a pair, the higher the better. In most cases, you go All In with anything less and you are done. But you never know what cards are coming, and sometimes you have to go with what feels right at that particular moment. Sometimes an AJo or better might do the trick, depends on if Lady Luck is at your side LOL. Other variables to consider are who you are playing against, what their betting habits are, and what they usually go All In with. Sometimes you can catch them in a bluff, and win the pot.
  7. And one of the most important things to consider is, are you letting your emotions rule your game? If you are, it is time to take a break from the tables. Some players go All In like there is no tomorrow, usually with weak hands that make you ask, wth were you thinking! And if they lose, they tend to get a little upset, which leads to errors in judgement. Always remember that this is a game, and if you can't have fun while playing, you are probably wasting your time. Enjoy The Game!

Am I the best player around? Heck no! But... you can bet that I am going to do what I can to make it to the final table, one way or another. Always try to improve your game and...

Always pay attention to the game.

Most of the players I usually play with at Lucksacks, are excellent players, and I am always watching what they do so I can improve my game. A lot of those players are now on this platform.

If you are interested in playing at Lucksacks:

  1. Have a Steemit Rep of 35 or More, be a Good Steemian and Not A Scammer or a Sockpuppet OR a Script Kiddie!
  2. Register at
  3. Join our discord server and DM @bethalea to join Lucksacks!
  4. You can find out more by going to and read a post for more info.

I've had an awesome time beta testing the new site, and I am looking forward to playing some of you on the new SPL poker site. Thanks to @tuck-fheman and @ats-david for making this happen! Exciting times are ahead my friends. :-)

Thanks for reading!