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Today I wanted to try a fresh theme and everyone can enjoy it, obviously without losing the thread the Poker.

Usually the movies and other productions that try to portray real-life end up exaggerating things a little, even so there are quite a few works that are worth seeing and in terms of poker, I bring you some recommendations. I will tell you a synopsis so that I will not give you any spoilers.

Rounders is a piece of cinema that gives us a glimpse of the turbid and tangled movement that exists in the underworld of games. The protagonist, whose character is constantly subjected to the misadventures that the game and bets produce. In fact he takes it as a furious outburst and one of the worst addictions, also during the film we can identify with him as he ends up suffering and rejoicing intermittently due to the game, even we are shown a season in which the protagonist is trying move away the game with great care, but ends up behaving as a person who is addicted to alcohol with withdrawal syndrome. also be quite realistic and very easy to compare with our reality, although it was not a blockbuster movie, for lovers of poker is pretty good.

Kid Poker, an original documentary produced by the entertainment mogul "Netflix", I have had the pleasure of writing about Daniel Negreanu who has been considered the poker player who is in the skill's pinnacle. This documentary gives us a great approach from the point of view of Daniel himself, we are climbing along with him, the rungs of his life and career. On the other hand, it brings to our screen the great and wealthy poker tables, those where the millions of dollars rest waiting for the cold-blooded sharks that are massacred in tournaments of the vegas.


Win it all, I must say that exclusive netflix movies are not always so good, they even scratch at the mediocre poor. Even so "Win it all" becomes a film from which we can get several thoughts on the terrible consequences that bring the life of a gambling addict, although poker is not as present as in the other movies on the list we can see elements that surround the game itself.

Win it all, is a story about an addicted loser who receives a bag, his only mission is to keep the bag closed for 6 months and then deliver it to a man after he left prison. Eventually, curiosity overcomes him and discovers that there is $ 50k in cash, which he bet and ended losing.

The film is evolving with the effects and the repercussions that it had in the life of the protagonist.


Cold deck, the last one on the list but not the least! A very interesting thriller with 3 basic essences: poker, action and robberies with violence. The protagonist finds poker as the only viable way to pay the treatment for the illness that his mother suffers, the important part of the film will be the robbery of magnates and players with a lot of money during a high stake event.


According to the opinions of the masses, with whom I agree "rounders", is undoubtedly the queen of this top and really by far. The netflix movies are quite short in the plot and deepening of the characters, while "kid poker" is more an informative documentary than a memorable film.

I hope you liked this little top, maybe I will not post again in about 3 days for vacation themes but I will read your comments! (and I will vote: $)