And Possibly an Adult Libation or two, Amirite?

this is totally from unsplash. well, part of it anyway, i'll let you guess which! :)


I think it's time we all come together and recognize some things. 'Sockpuppet', while eliciting some semblance of nostalgia from our young, puppet-loving days, is a BAD word. It's a negative descriptor, if you will. You do not want to BE a sockpuppet. Sockpuppet = BAD.

Now that we've got that covered, let's take a look at what the term 'sockpuppet' actually means, mmkay?

See? Sockpuppet BAD

So let's substitute 'support their own postings' with 'fucking around with poker accounts like a total waste of oxygen', and NOW we're speaking the same language! 'On The Same Page', so to speak.

If you happen to be so good at being an asshole and your scammy, sockpuppety self makes it onto our site(s), when we find you, you'll be banned. And also... like... this is a free poker site. Run by .A. dude. Who I (bethalea) 'help'... when I'm not, uh. well. making mistakes, amirite? So, maybe don't be a dick. Just sayin'.


If you are NOT a sockpuppet or plagiarist or something else awful...

The minimum Reputation level is now 50 and a valid introduction post will be required by all new accounts to be approved or to cash out if already on the site. Since it's far easier now to get a rep level up, this should not be a problem for real accounts. In some cases where there are still questions we may also require a 3-6 month history of posting. This is how to make a valid introduction post. Photoshopped images will not be accepted. So tell your friends before they apply!


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~late, b.

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